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Thursday Throat Punch

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  • I want to TP the bump for breaking it! Sadly commenting is getting very difficult and frustrating... not sure how long I can do this. I might just go back to lurking till it is working correctly and easily.

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  • Throat punch to my throat!  
    I woke up with really swollen glands and nasty post nasal drip.  Debating calling off work tonight because I want to get as much rest and be feeling good in order to go to the annual St. Pat's Pub Crawl with friends on Saturday.  
    That doesn't make me a horrible employee right?  That I want to be healthy to drink?!  :P

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  • I second that TP to TB @rubysi! my quote function is jacked up, theres stuff in the background of my reply box and I am just struggling with it all!!!!!

    AND TP to the first post D&C AF.... shes a crampy bitch!

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  • ksz_3ksz_3 member
    TP to my county of residence for wasting my time with jury duty. People do have bills they need to pay and we've not accomplish one thing in this week.

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  • @lav17‌ I'm sorry that happened. Some people have no common curtesy.

    TP to all of the Starbucks staff who failed to inform me that I had a dirty ankle sock stuck to the Velcro on the front of my jacket!! Wtf?


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  • @Waliany2015

    Sorry but that's kinda funny. It could've been worse; it could've been a dirty thong ;)
    Waliany2015luciddreamer106[Deleted User]
  • @snegde, are you okay?

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  • snegde said:
    @snegde, are you okay?
    Yeah. It wasn't a bad one. But it was enough to make me realize I need to be more proactive. And get a new job.
    (((((HUGS)))))  Take it easy tonight if you can.

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    BFP #3  8/11/14  EDD 4/22/14
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  • snegde said:

    Tp panic attacks at work.

    Oh honey! ((((Hugs)))) and I'm sorry.

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  • @lav17 ((hugs))

    @snegde I hope everything is ok. ((hugs))
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