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baby shower ideas in Vegas

My best friend will be 24 weeks pregnant, and we've planned a trip to Las Vegas for a girls weekend to celebrate. (5 ladies in total meeting in Vegas from different parts of the country.) We plan on staying in Bellagio, and will probably rent a car.

Do you ladies have any suggestions on making this a special and memorable trip for the mother-to-be? She's already booked a prenatal massage, and has a tentative list of restaurants she wants to eat at. I'm thinking we can order a special dessert or cake to surprise her a restaurant, but I wanted something else to make the weekend more memorable. When I was pregnant she took me out and had me wear a wedding veil and a maternity shirt with the words "shotgun wedding" on it as a joke. It was all in fun and it made the night memorable for me.

Do you have any suggestions on Vegas specific ideas? Anything that you or your friends have experienced during a pregnancy celebration or baby shower? For example, are there any restaurants or casinos that will do something special/goofy/funny/unique for a pregnant lady? Or do you have any other fun non-Vegas specific ideas?

We're not looking into an actual baby shower per se, just wanting ideas to make her feel extra special.  :)
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Re: baby shower ideas in Vegas

  • Definitely check with the concierge at the Bellagio ahead of time, they can come up with some suggestions.

    I've been to Vegas twice as a pregnant lady (although never for a shower!), and I found the lack of adorable baby boutiques disappointing although not surprising.  While it's a much friendlier town for pregnant ladies since the smoking has been curtailed, there's nothing that screams "baby shower" to me.  But your concierge will have better suggestions, and you can definitely enjoy the restaurants and shows.  Have fun!
  • Pool party with virgin daquiris! And take her shopping for the maternity bikini of her choice! (Or one-piece, whatev)
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