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NJ to FL?

Hi FL Mamas
I currently live in North NJ with my DH and 2.5 to DS (expecting no2 around 11/2!) I have always wanted to live in FL, and after vacationing in Satasota last year I fell completely in love with the whole vibe of the town. We were only there for a week so I need some more info from locals in this area that have been there year round! DH owns a landscaping company and I am a SAHM we are both really want to leave NJ for many reasons. I have read great and also terrible things so any opinions on your experience would be greatly appreciated. What do you think about raising a family around the Sarasota area? Crime? Schools? Recreation? Pros? Cons? Ect... All opinions appreciated, and also open to surrounding or suggested towns. Thanks for all your help!

Re: NJ to FL?

  • Small town but nice area to raise a family.  Compared to other areas I've lived in the crime rate is low, schools vary but overall aren't too bad and your surrend by water so the recreation is endless.  Down side is the summer because it does get very hot here.  Snowbird season can be very annoying.  In general there is a nice amount of stuff to do with children and can't complain.  We moved from Kansas City and been very happy here so far.  Do a cost of living comparison because to some it is higher than most areas especially housing and food. 

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