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Party Favors-How Much Do you spend?

Just curious on how much you spend on party favors?


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Re: Party Favors-How Much Do you spend?

  • For me, it ranges.  If I'm doing something like sugar cookies, it's around $2-3 a person.  If I'm making goodie bags for kids, it can be more than that.  For my son's second birthday I think it came to around $4.50 a kid and they got a hat, bandana, train whistle, and wooden train.
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  • I'd say $1-4 each. This year I'm doing a Cd and rock candy for my dds party. I'm also having it at a bowling alley (gift right there!!).

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  • Up to $5. For DS1 we had a superhero party with Capes from the Dollar Tree (Tip: go in October and score lots if cheap costume stuff) to decorate as their favor. I spent more on the decorations for the capes than the actual capes but then I also had little bags of candy & stickers too.
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  • Ever since DS's first birthday, we've stuck with giving children's books as favors and we love it. We spend about $3.50 per book via Amazon, write a thank you card in the cover, and send it home with the kids. We also get to-go boxes from DH's cousin's restaurant and let each kid take leftover of whatever treat we had (cake, cookies). It's been a hit with both parents and kids because it isn't some trinket to cause clutter. :)
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