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sac but nothing else

I went in for my first ultrasound this morning with my RE, I am 6w3d. All they found was a sac. The doctor thinks it is still early and we still have a chance but I am so scared. GE did another beta draw and my HCG level came back at 10,830 which is pretty good. I just don't know if I should stay positive or prepare myself for the worst. I have had slight cramping but no bleeding. Does anyone have any experience with this? We did IUI so I am positive of my conception date.

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Re: sac but nothing else

  • Fx for you!
  • Fx for you. It could just be early. My ultrasound place doesn't do ultrasounds until about 8 weeks because of things like this. Try to stay positive.
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  • No exp but just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sorry you are going through this. FX for great news at next appointment. Thinking of you, sweetie!
  • No experience but fingers crossed for good news soon!

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  • I'm hoping for the best.
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    No experience but I'm hoping for the best for you! FX.
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  • FX crossed for good news. 
  • It's still early so I wouldn't get discouraged yet.  If your betas look good then that's a good sign.

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  • FX for you!

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  • No experience, but FX for you!
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    It's a girl!
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  • FX everything is fine!
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  • FX for you.
    This happened to both my best friend and me.  When I went in for my 6w appt with my RE we saw only sacs.  We went back for almost 3 more weeks before he called it.  I miscarried at 8w6d.  
    The same thing happened to my best friend around the 6w mark and just had to wait until 7w5d before they saw anything else.  That little late bloomer is a happy and healthy 8 month old.
    Sending positive thoughts your way.

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  • My first u/s was at 6+3 and my doctor's office really tried to convince me to wait until 7 weeks in case we didn't see a heartbeat right away. Try not to worry - no heartbeat at your stage is not uncommon.
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  • Thoughts and prayers coming your way. Hoping you have a happy and healthy little late bloomer.

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  • It is still early. Are you going for another round of betas to see if they double? Although I think if they are that high they may not double anymore.


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    I had a similar experience. The dr bought I was 7 weeks along but I showed only 5 weeks and only a sac. As of Friday I am now healthy 7 weeks along with a heartbeat. I was just earlier than expected and had a horrible ten days of waiting. I was literally crying at the second ultrasound I was so scared and then so relieved. Fx for you too!
  • FX for you! I had some cramping early on and it can be completely normal.

  • FX all is well :)
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  • Fx for you things turn out ok.
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  • I hope everything works out!

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  • It could still be early but I have no experience. FX for you, sending T&P's
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  • When I went in for my first appt this time, the doctor on saw a gestational sac, and an early yolk sac.  He dated me around 4 weeks 5 days or so, but with a very high beta.  I was pretty sure I knew when I had ovulated though and I should have been around 6 weeks.   When I went back one week later there had been a lot of growth - embryo was visible and heart beat.  He dated me at 6 weeks 2 days then based on CRL so about 9 days of growth in a week..  I have another scan next week to make sure baby is still growing. When is your next scan?  FX for you.
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