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CD mamas - do you rotate your stash?

TKtravelsTKtravels member
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I'm sitting here stuffing and putting away diapers, and I am wondering how you all do things.

If you CD, do you rotate your (appropriate size) stash so everything wears evenly?
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CD mamas - do you rotate your stash? 37 votes

Why yes, I do in fact rotate my stash so that everything wears evenly.
16% 6 votes
No, I had not considered this.
16% 6 votes
No, rotation of one's stash is unnecessary.
10% 4 votes
8% 3 votes
Show me the numbers!
48% 18 votes

Re: CD mamas - do you rotate your stash?

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    junewife said:

    I don't CD, I'm just nosy.

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    I only have one size aio's and I use them all at the same rate
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    SS: I only have enough diapers to last me about three days. I just wash every third day and all my diapers get used usually. I just ordered more though. Once they are here I will still wash every third day, but I will have more diapers left over. I think each of my diapers will get used weekly. I keep them all in the same place
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    ejb23ejb23 member
    I didn't think about this. But I mostly use prefolds and covers. I'm partial to some of the cover colors more then others but those I don't like as much I send to DC so I think they all get used about the same.


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    csspencercsspencer member
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    We use pockets for daycare and best bottoms on evenings/weekends with the occasional contour . We have more than enough pockets, but we leave a bunch of clean ones at daycare. Our best bottoms get rotated evenly, I will say I have some favorite pocket patterns that get used more regularly than the solids.
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    I only have enough for two days. I do laundry every other night after she goes to bed, so they all get washed at the same time.
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