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Cleaning Company/Lady

I live in Mohegan Lake and was wondering if anyone could recommend their cleaning company and or cleaning lady/person. I live in a very small one bedroom with fiancé and soon to be baby and just wanted some extra help. Especially since I've been put on bed rest. Thanks!

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  • I use Cottage Care.  It is a nationwide company, but their local office is based in Newburgh.  I've tried a few different companies and I found that they have been the best.  Their prices are also reasonable.  I just have them come once a month and I do the cleaning in between, but you can have them come more frequently if needed.
  • Thanks!!! I will use this also!
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    I am from Sweden. Tell me please how are you preparing to your baby borning? Is it all should be desinfacted and very clean? My sister is very bad on nineth month and she cannot make cleaning so good as she wants. Is it necessary to call the special service for example this one ?
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