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High BP/ Preeclampsia check in


Re: High BP/ Preeclampsia check in

  • Praying for all you ladies for smooth deliveries and fun bed rest( is that possible lol). I downloaded words with friends and had like 10 games going while I was on it. Keep resting and cooking them babies.

    I'm still being watched per say and getting weekly blood drawn( I thought I was done being poked once I had the baby) I had to get more steroids to boost my platelettes ( they got down to 20,000 when your supposed to have 200,000+) and now my hemo levels have dropped again. So hopefully just iron pills will take care of that instead of having a platelette or blood transfusion.If you have questions about my exp let me know :). Also we are hopefully taking Rebekah home from the NICU today!
  • Im 36 and 3 today.
    High blood pressure starting at 34 weeks. I've been on bedrest since.
    High BP around 150/90 is average.
    Highest was 170/110 last Thursday.
    So far no signs of pre-e.

    NST today went ok.

    BP 150/90
    I gained 4.5 lbs since Thursday. WTH?!?! But protein was fine.

    Baby was failing the first half of the NST. Super high heart rate with no excels or movement. They propped a pillow under my hip to lean me to the left and heart rate went down had good excels and good movement.

    I feel just like you ladies. So on edge that everything will go bad any minute.
    Every headache, pinch under my rib rib, swelling.

    Take care mama's! Cook those babies!!!





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    @Mrsmeatball41 I hope things get back to normal for you really soon!!!





  • Today I had my first NST.  Doctor said baby is doing awesome and blood pressure was only 147/96, not as bad as it was last Thursday but definitely a lot higher than I've been reading at home.  I had trace amounts of protein this time.  I asked the doctor if my proteins went back to normal does that mean that I no longer have pre-eclampsia.  He informed me that the condition could get worse, but I would have pre-eclampsia until I delivered.  He also informed me that he doubted we would go beyond 37 weeks without inducing because the risk of still birth is really high when you have pre-e.  Way to make a mom's blood pressure go down, doc (enter sarcasm here!).

    I'm curious though if NSTs shock you or something because I was having a hard time feeling the baby move with those monitors hooked so tight to me and a few times I felt a vibration?  Anyone else done that?  I'm new to all this junk, so maybe I'm overanalyizing.  Either way, I was glad the doc gave me a good report!  How was everyone else's doc appt?
  • @bhprince‌ NST should not be painful I've had about 12 so far n usually have caffeine before so baby moves good for dr or he will make me sit there forever.

    Update: appointment today went well baby looked good on NST. Bp was 150/110 but dr said if I get it to stay down at home it's ok for now. But it's been up n down all day at home so my days are probably numbered. It's been as high as 165/115 today while resting. Had my first pelvic exam. Ouch. Not dilated but starting to thin. Having a sonogram tomorrow n NST thurs. Depending on those n my bps depends on what we r going to do. If bps can't stay down then I'll b induced. We r trying to make it one more week to 37 weeks!!
  • Had an ultrasound.. Baby is 7lbs but my amniotic fluid seems high. NST went well baby was very active but then would not settle down so I was there longer than I wanted. Will see my dr on Friday and then we'll see what the next step is! Baby was showing the start of using her lungs I could see her diaphragm moving up and down so looks like her major organs are ready to go. Put me at ease if she comes soon. Thinking of you all! :)
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  • 36 weeks tomorrow. Last week baby was measuring small 4lbs 11oz. Had a sonogram today and he was 5lbs 3oz! Glad to see my placenta is still working and he is growing. Have to wait til thurs for dr to tell me more about sono.
  • Was in L&D again last night.... High BP 174/103 and low baby movement. After 2 hours in the triage my BP got down to 127/78 so much better and baby was moving. My hands are still so puffy and they are making me do ANOTHER 24 hour urine catch..... ughhhhh. Seeing the Dr. tomorrow. Hoping we will have a talk about induction for next week. I'm tired of living with all these symptoms and continuing to wait. Baby looks good, its just me who is a mess.  
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  • I understabd I'm going through the same thing! My BP was 164/102. Highest yet. Waiting to see what dr says. I'm 38&2. Last week she sent me to hosp & everything came back good. Just sick of dealing w this.
  • Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Keep us updated when you can!
  • Good luck!  Keeping you in my thoughts. Please give us an update and tell us the whole birth story.  Hope they can keep your bp under control until LO gets here!
  • Why do they have you doing another 24 hour urine?  My doctor told me that even though I've kept my bps at bay and my swelling down that no matter what I spilled protein before and therefore I'm preeclamptic til the end.  lol  
  • Glad to see all you ladies hanging in there.

    I spent the whole day yesterday at the dr.'s and the hospital.

    It started with my NST. My BP was 150/99 pulse 130 and not going down with rest, and baby was very tacky. Then ultrasound showed baby had rapid heart beat and rapid "practice" breathing. So the dr. Called a specialist who wanted me at the hospital to be monitored and do some tests.

    Four hours later, my BP was ok, not exactly stable, it a bounces from 150/100 to 120/70 and everything in between. The baby was much better at the hospital. All my labs looked okay, and they started another 24 hour catch. All the dr.'s I saw where scratching their heads. I'm not pre-e. and I'm not typical pregnancy induced hypertension.

    The dr. gave me the choice to stay 24 hours for observation or go home on strict bed rest. I choose to go home.

    So tired if this roller coaster. I'm 37 weeks today. Only 2 weeks left at the max.

    Sorry that was long.





  • ^^ I feel you. Finished my 2nd 24 hour urine catch this morning. Saw the Dr. Will now be monitored 2x at the office... my dr did not like the idea of induction since my labs come back fine. So frustrating... and we are just anxious to meet our baby girl.
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  • Kriztyn said:

    ^^ I feel you. Finished my 2nd 24 hour urine catch this morning. Saw the Dr. Will now be monitored 2x at the office... my dr did not like the idea of induction since my labs come back fine. So frustrating... and we are just anxious to meet our baby girl.

    It's nice to know that I'm not alone. We are ready for the next stage, baby!






  • How is everyone doing? How are the babies?! Hope all is well girls!
  • Good Morning--- can't sleep (as usual!). Have a dr. appt today... BPP and NST.. Last Friday when I had an appt, my doctor mentioned that she wouldn't let me go past April 24... my due date is in a week... the look on my face was a mix between having a complete meltdown from frustration and trying not to murder her. The 24th!?!?!? Why would she let me go PAST my due date??  I see a group of doctors so am wondering what the dr. today will say. I THINK I've been having some mild contractions... but nothing serious. I am not dilated (as of Friday)... but am about 70-80% effaced. It has been 16 days of a rollercoaster ride between sending me to L&D for signs of Pre-E.. and a separate Triage visit for high BP and low baby movement. I'm exhausted and glad I have made it this far ... but I need to see a light at the end of this tunnel. I am tired of blood work every monday, and 2x/week Dr. Appt. My Amniotic fluid continues to increase...  C'mon BABY! 
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  • ^^ Update ^^ getting induced tomorrow at 6PM! :)
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