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low-carb breakfast & dinner ideas

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Re: low-carb breakfast &amp; dinner ideas

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    I've been doing chia seeds, pecan pieces, dried coconut with almond milk.  (I usually add a banana since I'm not trying to be strictly low-carb, but more paleo-ish.  You could do berries instead.)

    I like to do mushrooms and kale sauteed, then scramble eggs over them.  (Fritta would be good too, just takes longer.)

    Also, being gluten-free, I do a lot of baking with nut flours.  You can make muffins from bananas and almond meal.  Not super low carb with the bananas, but lower.

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  • i'm not creative with food so this is a great question...but to TRY and answer yours, the first things that come to mind are omelettes, quesadillas (we use the low-carb flax seed kind), stir fry with meat and veggies (and tofu if you're into tofu), chowder
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  • Breakfast:  I do egg white omelets almost every morning for breakfast, so that's the first place my mind goes.  But yogurt and cottage cheese make for good breakfasts also - and can be blended into smoothies for more options.  And you can make pancakes with just banana and egg which is going to be lower carb than regular pancakes.

    Dinner: We tend to do fairly low carb dinners only because I'm awful at making side dishes.  So any "protein" - fish, chicken, steak, pork, etc. without carby sides.  Fajitas are great, as long as you're not using tortillas - just grilled "meat" with onions and peppers, etc.  Or on a salad.  Or with a nice green veggie side.   I love chili, and that can be fairly low carb - depending on whether or not you're putting beans in.

    And one of my favorite tricks is to amp up the veggies in a dish, so you need less carbs anyway.  So like @janniep said - a stirfry is great with lots of protein/veggies and you can add as much/little rice as you'd like to keep it lower in carbs.  The same can be true of pasta.  The more meat and veggies, the less noodles you need.  (And a lot of people sub in spaghetti squash, or other squashes for pasta which are lower carb than noodles)

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