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Balboa Naval Hospital Delivery Moms! Help!

Hey everyone, I'm a FTM at 27 weeks and it just feels like that due date is right around the corner and I'm kind of freaking out. Being a veteran my insurance requires that I be seen at the hospital but I'm really concerned for the delivery process. Mostly because my appointments seem so few and far in between and I haven't even met a personal doctor or know who's going to be in the room with me during delivery.

I'm feeling rather lost and really cconcerned. Ideally I would have preferred a home natural birth but being low income I have to accept what my insurance provides but the idea of my labor being out of my hands is daunting -- I don't want to be induced or have a forced cesarean due to drug complications or even have drugs pressured onto me, it's at a point where I find myself thinking I don't even want to go to the hospital until I know I'm ready to pop. And then the idea of having only one delivery option- on my back, is not at all appealing. I don't know what their options are or how their deliveries go so I have this idea in my head that I'm going to be stuck in a bed, have pictocin and an epidural pressured on me and cornered into a cesarean and just have me rushed through the process.

So from anyone who has delivered at balboa, help! I'm freaking out =(
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