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20 week ultrasound- couldn't find out the gender

Hello ladies! Yesterday we had our 20 week ultrasound that went great but we have a stubborn baby on our hands. He or she was face down with feet up by its head and wasn't budging from that position. I was SO disappointed that we couldn't find out the gender..... Has this happened with anyone else? Is it worth paying to get a 3D ultrasound to try and find out? Are the odds of finding out any better with that type of ultrasound? Let me know what y'all think!!

Re: 20 week ultrasound- couldn't find out the gender

  • I paid for an elective when ours was stubborn. I really wanted to know and I'm incredibly impatient.

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    19w and baby has legs together. My ob said her son wouldn't show the goods at all during her pregnancy so she had to wait until birth :)

    No idea about 3d scans, can't say I care enough to pay.
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  • Couldn't find out the sex at my a/s but I am getting a second a/s do to lack of pictures. Hopefully we will find out then. If not I will get an elective u/s.
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  • We did a 2d elective early with this pregnancy and found out sex (confirmed at a/s).  I think it was worth it for (about) $100.  :)
  • If you decide to do an elective, I would maybe call and see if they will do another scan for free if the baby is being uncooperative.  Some places offer that and then you would feel confident that you would be getting what you paid for.
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  • Will your OB let you try again? If not, I would pay. I paid $50 for one just so I could find out three weeks early. Don't regret it. 
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    I think all of the elective places I've seen let you come back for free until they can tell the baby's sex.  I think it is worth it both to know, and for the extra chance to see the baby.  I actually wish my girl hadn't been showing the goods at my A/S so I could justify paying to go to another elective! ;-)

  • My OB office's initial ppwk said that if the initial A/S can't determine the sex, they don't let you schedule another ultrasound for that sole purpose.

    Our A/S is tonight. If we don't find out the sex, I'll be ok with it and won't look into paying to find out.
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  • Our elective was totally worth it. But paying for 3D isn't going to tell you anything extra. Even if you had a 3D shot today, you may not be able to tell. Will any place near you do a 2D elective? It'll be cheaper and tell you the same info.


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  • Def do the elective! Plus you get discounts at least around here you do! For $59 I got a 2d/3d/4d ultrasound. Included was a 30 min scan, gender determination, a dvd set to music for the while session, a recording of the heartbeat, and 8 pics. Plus we got a coupon for $59 off a return package. The cheapest return package was $109 and I have $59 off so I'm excited. Plus who wouldn't want extra time with seeing their baby. And I agree I think every elective states that you can return til gender is determined. And I think it nice and more intimate and you can bring whoever you want. Do it!
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    We had an elective 2D for about $80. I would do it over again in a heartbeat, it was great seeing my son again and we were able to get extra pics and a little cd to share with family members. 
  • With our last pregnancy we had an elective around 30 weeks, mostly because we wanted to see what the baby "looked" like (we already knew the sex, but they confirmed that too). It was nice because they spent a long time with us trying to get some great images, longer than the appointment was scheduled for actually. It was a good experience & I will definitely be doing it again with this LO, and I would recommend it as another chance to learn the sex for your baby if you don't mind the cost. So I'm not sure that the odds are necessarily better, but they will most likely be able to give you more time, since they want to create happy customers. The purpose of the a/s isn't to determine the sex, so the techs doing that scan aren't going to spend too much time with you on that when they have other patients to see, especially if they were able to get the anatomy measurements they needed.
  • We enjoyed our elective scan so much, everything about it was intimate and comfortable. My u/s tech actually knows the woman who did our elective and he told us the place we went was very reputable, so I felt better about telling him we had an elective scan in between appointments (not sure why I thought he'd care!)

    It was worth it, in my opinion. And to second a few PP, most of them offer a free visit if they can't tell at your appointment. When we went, baby girl was in an awful position but the tech got me to move her around and wake her up so we could get a good shot!
  • My babys hand was between their legs the whole time. So I won't know either. We were given a "guess" but told to keep receipts just in case. To play it safe, I'm team green. Unless I get an In office ultrasound again.
  • This happened to us at our A/S and I was sad because I really wanted to know! We had to go back 2 weeks later because the Tech couldn't get all the required measurements. 2 weeks later she was in the same position. Apparently that's how she's most comfortable. At the last minute she finally revealed and we got everything! If we couldn't find out on that trip, I was going to get an elective.
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  • With DD doc wasn't 100% sure after a/s but we got a guess. We didnt do elective but as it turns out around 35wks we needed another u/s for other reasons and got confirmation then so you may end up needing another then.

    Personally I'm the type if LO didn't show, just enjoy the suspense. 
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  • Agreed, whether it's worth it to you or not is totally your call and up to your budget.  I had one for early sex determination at 15w+ and was really happy with the whole experience.  Confirmation comes Monday :)

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  • aliletz said:
    Agreed, whether it's worth it to you or not is totally your call and up to your budget.  I had one for early sex determination at 15w+ and was really happy with the whole experience.  Confirmation comes Monday :)
    I have mine Monday too @allietz :) We've already done the blood test but I can't wait to have it confirmed or refuted. 
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    I didn't find out the gender at my A/S either, but I did find out the baby is a girl.

    But in all seriousness, get an elective U/S to find out the sex if it is important to you.


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  • I didn't think I was willing to pay for one (and I won't get any ultrasound until March 11) but two days ago I woke up and decided I wanted one. Went yesterday and I can't describe how glad I was! It was soooo worth the $80 to me. Our doctor is very conservative and medically minded so no ultrasounds unless needed until a/s and it clearly states in our paperwork finding out the sex is not the purpose and if they can't find it oh well. I very much respect that but decided I really wanted to see the baby this week. I went 19 weeks without seeing her and finally seeing and finding out sex is helping me connect so much with this pregnancy! My husband wants to go back when his mom is in town! If you are considering it and can swing the money, I say go!!!
  • We did an elective ultrasound this past weekend - it was wonderful! They had the screen projected on the wall so it was huge, couches in the room and a nice comfy bed for me to lay on, they spent 30min just checking out our LO! They did sex confirmation first thing and then we got to just watch her! It cost around $130 for the 3D ultrasound with some printed pics and a cd of all the images, plus we got a stuffed bunny with little ones heartbeat inside so when u squeeze it it plays the HB, so worth it! We plan on going back at about 28 weeks to get a better look at facial features after she fattens up!
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  • This happened to us with DD. my doctors u/s tech was able to take a peek 2 wks later at an appt. so we didn't need to pay for an ultrasound. We also would have gotten confirmation at a 35wk growth u/s

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