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Anyone else with a cranky uterus?

I had tons of BH contractions with DD (every time I peed, rolled over, etc toward the end), and my MW said I likely had an irritable uterus since they never progressed (though my water did break during one at 38w2d and I didn't go into labor afterward...). If you have also been diagnosed with this, did your OB/MW say whether it is more liekly for you to go early? I feel like my water breaking last time was a bit of a fluke, so I have no idea how long to expect this time. Will ask the MW next time but it's not for a few weeks. Just trying to prep myself...



Re: Anyone else with a cranky uterus?

  • I'm interested to hear comments on this. I have been having a ton of BHs since the weekend (just over 28 weeks) and it's getting annoying. I'm hoping to go into labor on my own in just under 10 weeks (right at 38 preferably but we all know how that goes) so I can try a VBAC.

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  • I have randomly touched my belly and felt it harden, but I am unsure of the frequency because it doesn't necessarily come with discomfort.

    As for my uterus being irritable...she's been an outright bitch lately...
  • I have had this with all of my pregnancies. Tons of BH and no dialation or effacement. Ds1 was born at 39w4d and ds2 was born at 41w. No early labor for me and I went into labor naturally with both kids. I think some people just get them and them are annoying! If it concerns you check with doc, but this is my third pregnancy and I have been having BH since 20 weeks.
  • I do. I've been in the hospital twice for it... it has started to slightly change my cervix. I'm on bed rest because of it. Activity makes it way way worse. Same if I'm dehydrated, having to pee or poop, or if I change positions in bed. I gave contractions on and off daily. It sucks. And I won't go full term because of it.
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  • I was diagnosed with "irritable uterus" early on with my DS.  I think I was about 20-23 weeks at the time.   It was shortly before viability.  I had contractions off and on for about the next 2-2.5 months.  It was made worse when I was overly active, dehydrated or over tired. They finally stopped and then I had a couple of weeks of feeling ok and then pre-e hit.  No one ever made any mention of whether I was more likely to go early, but I went to 37 weeks and had a c-section so for me I didn't go early.  Early would be before 37 weeks.  Honestly, I always got the impression that so long as you were not dialating, it really wasn't a big deal...just more of a discomfort thing, but not something truly threatening to your health or your baby's health.
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  • I've been having BH since like 17 weeks and had them starting at 25 weeks with DD.  I never got labeled with an "irritable uterus" but I did have a pretty quick, spontaneous labor 4 days before my due date.  I was a fingertip dilated and 70% effaced three days before DD was born.
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  • I had irritable uterus w my DS. I was hospitalized 3 times beginning at 21 weeks. I had contractions 3-5 minutes apart for hours etc. on many occasions. They gave me steroids for the baby's lungs in case I went preterm. Same as others, it was worse w activity, dehydration, full bladder but also just happened for no apparent reason. My cervix never changed. My water broke and I went into labor at 40 weeks and 2 days. So, no, irritable uterus is not a guarantee of preterm labor.
  • I have irritable uterus too. Ds was born at 38 weeks...he wasn't preterm. My water broke and he was delivered by c section. The contractions never changed my cervix, thankfully. I am having them this time too and I am currently 28.5 wks.
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    I wasn't diagnosed with irritable uterus, but I started having frequent contractions (pre-term labor) at 31 weeks with my daughter.  They weren't BH, they were regular and timeable.  I went on medication and was able to maintain for the next 4.5 weeks, but ended up delivering at 35w6d.  

    If you start having 5+ contractions in an hour, or 3-4+/hour consistantly throughout the day, start by drinking more water.  If that doesn't help, I recommend talking to your OB/MW in case it's not actually BH at all.  
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  • I don't know about irritable uterus, but I had BH contractions for 24 hours straight yesterday, and that sucks :(
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