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Fantastic nanny available!

Hi everyone!

I am looking for a new family for our wonderful nanny, Ariella.  I just decided to take a job in California, and sadly I haven’t been able to convince her to move across the country with us :-/

Ariella has been with my 16-month-old daughter and me for almost a year and has not only been a wonderful caretaker and role model to my baby, but a life-saver for me.  I'm a single mom and work crazy, unpredictable hours (investment banking) and she is always flexible and willing to stay late, even at the last minute (she NEVER ONCE left me scrambling to find care when I had to work late and she's happily stayed until 2am at a moment's notice far more times than I'd like to admit…). 

My daughter has blossomed into a ridiculously happy, well-behaved and confident toddler and I am so thankful to have found Ariella!

In a nutshell, Ariella is:

  • Sweet - Ariella adores my daughter and my daughter adores her.  Ariella sends me cute pictures and videos of my daughter all day while I’m at work (which make my day!) and I come home to them snuggled up together all the time.  I love knowing that Ariella genuinely really loves and cares about my baby.

  • Respectful - She is 100% supportive of my parenting style, providing consistency of care/routines with my daughter, reinforcing her behaviors in the same way that I do, and helping to ensure my daughter's sense of stability and secure attachment.

  • Responsible - Not only does she take great care of my daughter and keep her safe, she also helps me with errands, restocks baby supplies, does a million other helpful things and generally just makes sure life is in order for us.  For example, when my daughter was sick, Ariella made sure that we took her to the doctor, filled her prescription, followed up with the doctor, and refilled the prescription before I even realized that it needed to be refilled- she is very on top of it when it comes to making sure that my daughter is healthy, happy and comfortable.

  • Smart and Confident - She knows a ton about child development, behavior, learning and age-appropriate discipline** and also has lots of fun tidbits to share about infants that I really enjoy hearing.  She engages my daughter in all sorts of educational activities that I would have never thought of, she pays attention to daughter’s cues and is extremely in tune with her emotions, and she is exceedingly aware of the importance of empathy and mutual respect in raising a happy child. 
    (**But again, she is uber-respectful of my parenting style and respects it even in the rare case where we have different opinions!)

  • Honest - My daughter has taken a few (normal) spills while trying to walk, etc. and Ariella always honestly notifies me immediately - even with tiny things - and I feel totally comfortable that Ariella always tells me the truth and keeps me informed.  Another example of her honesty is that she has told me on multiple occasions that my math was wrong in calculating her paycheck/overtime and that I was overpaying her – that pretty much sums up what kind of a person she is!  I fully trust her.

  • Entertaining – Ariella is very active with my daughter (they take trips to the park, Barnes & Noble, the Children’s Museum, run errands and go on strolls all the time), and she also knows how to keep her entertained and intellectually stimulated inside when it is too cold to do anything outside.  They have a lot of fun together.

  • And of course, she is punctual, flexible, reliable and hard-working!  My daughter had two other nannies before Ariella showed up (the first moved away, the second one I let go) and they didn’t even compare - she is the best!

In case you are wondering, Ariella is a U.S. citizen (from Illinois), well-educated and energetic (in her 20's).  Her weekly rate is very reasonable (especially by New York standards!) and she is always very fair and lenient about working additional overtime!

If you'd like to talk to Ariella directly, her phone number is (217) 891-2122 and her email is [email protected].  Please also feel free to email or call me if you’d like to hear more about Ariella or if I can provide further reference for her.  

All the best to you and your babies!
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