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"Expectant mothers" parking spots

On Friday night I went to the grocery store and was about to pull into the "expectant mothers" parking spot, when a man in a minivan pulled into it just before I could. He had a wheelchair tag in his rear knew mirror. He was middle aged, larger, with no kids visible in his car and when I exited my car, noticed that he was just sitting there. Maybe he was waiting for someone? I was extremely tempted to go over and ask him when his baby was due, but I didn't know the whole situation, so I scurried inside and seethed privately that I had to waddle in the cold from farther down the lot.

My question is, do you think it is acceptable for people to be able to use these wheelchair/mother spots interchangeably? Would you have said something to him?

Re: "Expectant mothers" parking spots

  • Honestly, what would you have said to him?

    I also don't understand the point of expectant mother parking. I'm pregnant and quite capable of walking (waddling?) an extra 15 steps into the store. What on earth did pregnant women do before expectant mother parking?


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  • I don't know if I would use the space ever. I like parking near the cart returns so I don't have to walk so far, especially if the kids are with me.

    But no, I think it's rude he parked there. Were all of the handicap spaces taken?

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  • I wouldn't have said anything to him, if he was handicapped and no other spot was available I would've been meh about it.

    I haven't used them when I was pregnant although it the weather was crappy out I might. I did use them when DD was a newborn so I didn't have to carry the infant carrier as far.

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  • I used one once...when it was POURING out.  I'm ashamed to admit that it was very early on in my pregnancy, but I had morning sickness, so I felt yucky, that counts, right?

    Now they've changed them where they say "Expectant Mother and Parents of Small Children."  So I use them all the time when I go grocery shopping with my boys.  It's definitely worth it then, and I think it makes more sense.  I need it more with little kids than pregnant. 


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  • Expectant Mother parking might be overkill (unless on bedrest, a little walking is good for you!), but what I do love and use all the time are spaces for parents. They're right next to the cart return, so you are right there by your kids when you put the cart back: it honestly makes all the difference in the world when managing DS and groceries, and I am sad sad sad when those spaces are all taken. ;)
  • I've used them once or twice here when the weather's been bad here.  Generally, I don't like DH parking in them because I really don't need them.  
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  • Elbug said:
    I wouldn't have said anything either. Maybe cursed under my breath for someone taking the spot I was going for but not necessarily the expectant mother parking spot. I figure most people with a handicap sign need the closer spot more than I do. The further along in my last pregnant I always parked further out cause I desperately needed exercise. If I was hurting a lot (I had terrible hip pain last time) then I would use them but typically not. Where I live now BRU is the only place with those type of spots.
    I think this is why I was so frustrated. I've been having a lot of pelvic pain that literally causes me to waddle, so I wanted to just get in and get out on my way home from work (I was only there to pick up a couple of items). It was also annoying that buddy just sat in the spot and didn't even leave his car (but again, he could have been waiting for someone, so I shouldn't really judge). I haven't been using this spot until the last couple of weeks ago. I was like @BrightEyes112 - I wouldn't even let DH park there with me early on.

    And yes, there was at least one handicap spot open.
  • Maybe he mistook it for a handicapped spot? I'm giving him a pass since he did have a handicap sticker.

    I've used them in bad weather before, but some around here aren't really prime spots anyway. And some of our signs say, "Expectant Mothers and Parents with Sick Children", but I'm not sure HOW sick they mean. Disabled children or a kid with the flu and they are picking up meds? IDK...

    I prefer to park near cart returns myself, it's way better than closer spots!

    I can go into a rage about people not parking correctly, but I just can't figure how I feel about preggley parking...

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