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Moms on Amsterdam

I will be traveling around from Amsterdam and I was wondering if someone may know if I can bring my nuts snacks bags. I know is silly but I'm a little bit concern about it, bs since we are gonna arrive there I'm afraid customs on Amsterdam will take my snacks :(

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  • They won't! They are extremely friendly when you arrive here, I think I have entered this country around 20 times and I have never been checked. My mom was randomly checked and she had only food (she was visiting me an bringing me all the Mexican stuff she could get into a suitcase) and they just said "welcome to the Netherlands".

    Unless you are carrying fresh fruits, veggies or meats, you will be ok.
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  • thanks!!! we were there last month and just like you said, they didn't checked anything, super friendly people I love the country I want to go back.

    thanks again

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