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?switching to pumping/?help w colic/gas signs/symptoms

My LO is approaching 6 weeks. since 2 weeks of age we have been breastfeeding and dealing with possible OS, overactive let down and bad gas colic symptoms in our little guy. Weve done position changes, gas drops, zantac started on a probiotic a couple of days ago, tummy massage. We did notice that he was able to work out the gas more, but he was still poorly sleeping, incredibly gassy, grimacing grunting in his sleep, its been so bad it seem like we couldn't put him on his back he always had to lay on his stomach to work it out. Well yesterday I had to go to a conference for the majority of the day and my DH gave him bottles. While checking in on them, report was hes was sleeping, playful smiling, some gas pains but not as bad. I was overjoyed. When I came home and feed him at my breast, afterwards he started the grunting, the stomach rumbles, the shrieks. I told my husband that I want to try just pumping and bottlefeeding and see how it went. For the first time, he was able to sleep on his back, for the first time hes been able to lay comfortably in his pack n play. he still has some gas but I can tell theres change. And I slept soundly last nite even when getting up to pump.

I would like to take him to my breast but I feel like that may be the problem. But my husband thinks the meds are working. So should I take him to breast again and see how he does, Could this all be related. I was concerned that maybe he was getting too much foremilk and filing up on that, causing more gas and discomfort.eventhough I only feed on one breast.

Has anyone else experience something like this or can provide any insight? Thanks

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  • You could try pumping for a week or so and see if it helps but the bigger issue is solving your OS/OAL, I don't have any advice on that but I know many of the women on this board have struggled with that so I'm sure you'll get some good advice!

    I've found pumping every 3 hours during the day and every 4 hours at night is enough to maintain my supply but if you have OS, maybe you would want to do it less? It's a careful balance.
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  • i plan on calling a lactation consultant.Ive met with and spoke to them 3 times already and they keep saying everything fine since hes gaining weight and making good output and tell me not to worry, and Ive went to an LLL meeting to check his latch. ive tried block feeding. I dont even feel engorged most of the time. the LLL leader thinks i may just have a large storage capacity. I dont mind pumping, is there a good way to do it. Do I even have to worry about oversupply at this point if I dont take him to breast. Right now when I pump I do about 3oz on the left and can do up to 5 oz on the right in 10 min.

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  • Also, I did end up breastfeeding him and the same thing happen.The feeding seem like it went fine, it didnt even seem like my letdown was too forceful. But afterwards he had gas,grunting, crying....so I guess pumping will have to do for now. It just seems so bizarre. Especially since his stools seems normal.
  • any ideas on pumping schedules. He eats about every 2-3 hours.
  • Thanks. I will plan on doing blocks for the next couple weeks. At most he takes 3-4 oz
  • @AmyG* how long should i pump for or should i just pump till i get 3-4 oz? Also, with BF i noticed that at our 7pm/8pm feed he seems to be hungry will latch and sometimes drink but then pulls off and starts acting hungry? How do i improve my supply at this time..now i ont know if i have oversupply
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