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first therapy session

Hi ladies! I just wanted to say to anyone who is considering therapy to help heal, go for it! I was thinking about it last year but didn't do anything about it and now I realized that I should have. I went to my first session yesterday afternoon and I thought I would be fine talking about what happened in general. It turns out that I was breaking down in the office. I never really had to explain my situation in detail before, since everyone already knew about it in my family. It really helped for me to get my fears out in the open. She didn't give me too much advice this time, because it took almost the full hour to explain my situation, but she did acknowledge that my feelings were completely normal. That gave me a great sense of relief. I think it also made a difference that she has experience working with people who struggle coping with grief and infertility. It went great and I am actually looking forward to going back next week!
Married my best friend 7/2/11 - Furbaby born 7/9/11 and brought into our home 9/1/11

BFP#1:   2/2/13 ~ exact m/c date unknown but around 3/20 at 10 weeks ~ diagnosed with PMP ~ D&C on 4/5 ~ TTA for at least 1 year due to PMP ~ cleared to TTC 1/14

BFP#2:   2/7/14 ~ m/c 2/20/14 ~ possibly due to chemical pregnancy ~ TG no D&C is needed 

Surprise BFP#3:  4/4/14 ~ super duper extra happy (and nervous) about this one - EDD 12/9/14!!!

John Joseph was born on 12/12/14 at 7 lbs. 11 oz.  He is the most beautiful rainbow baby we could have wished for!


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