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After m/c healing question

I had a natural m/c last friday and have had light bleeding with occasional clots since then. Today I have had more bleeding than usual and a bunch of clots. Is this normal? Not really sure if I could soak a pad in an hour because I tend to rush and sit on the toilet whenever I feel a stream of blood or clot coming..
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Re: After m/c healing question

  • Idk, I had a d&c, but better to call the doc to make sure.  Sorry for your loss!
  • I'm very sorry for your loss but if it continues to gush out and it doesn't seem to level out after a couple of days, I would call the doctor.  All I know is that when your body retains too much tissue, the doctors tend to want to do a D&C so that you don't suffer an infection later on.  Good luck to you and I hope that your pain subsides soon!
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  • I just realized how far along you were when you miscarried... I was scheduled for a D&C last week because my body wasn't understanding that the baby miscarried (11 weeks, 12.5 weeks pregnant). They gave me misoprostal (sp?) the day before my d&c to help relax and soften my cervix. That night I bled... A lot! I Passed clots from the size of ping pong balls to clots as big as my hand that were at least an inch thick. I was very weak and nauseous from losing so much blood. When I went in the morning for my d&c I told them how much had passed. They did an u/s and baby and a lot of tissue was still in there. I was shocked. Apparently (even in the first 11weeks) the uterine lining gets very thick and the body needs to pass it all in order to heal. It's possible yours is getting rid of little by little at a time which would be easier on your body.

    That being said, if you feel light headed or sick you probably are losing too much blood too fast. If you question it at all, a phone call to the doctor would probably help put your mind at ease.
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  • Thanks everyone. My guess is probably that I maybe had a big clot stuck or something because I had a lot of bleeding and clots that one day and it has slowed and is down to light bleeding and is more brown now at 9 days post m/c.
    Benjamin born on - 4/5/12
    BFP 12/31/14, EDD 9/08/14 ~ Natural M/C 2/21/14 at 11.5 weeks
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  • I hope that you are feeling ok. I have just gone through a natural miscarriage, I had my final scan last Friday, which showed that all had passed. It took about 3 weeks for all to happen. The pain was mild and then progressed, but was manageable at home....I took a lot of pain relief, had a hot pad for my tummy, and found that a warm bath helped to ease the pain when it was feeling bad.

    It has been a very emotional, physical and life changing experience for me, I never realized how strong we are as women to go through this, and wish you the very best for your future.

    I hope this helps. Take care of yourself.  

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