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New here, dealing with first M/C

Hi There,

New to the board.  I was 10 weeks along and started spotting, after numerous blood tests, and an ultrasound doc confirmed fetus stopped developing around week six and miscarriage was imminent.  I'm a pretty pragmatic person and am really not too devastated about the loss (sounds bad I know), because I know that these things happen, and there is a reason that this one didn't make it to term.  I'm bummed it didn't work out, but also realistic in the fact that nature is a wonderful thing and sometimes knows better than we do about what needs to happen.  Part of me feels really weird for feeling that way, but most of me is really just ready to be done and try again.  I am 37 years old and we want to try again as soon as possible.  The actual m/c started this morning, it was the most excruciating pain I've ever had, and for now the severe cramping has subsided.  Should I expect the severe cramping to return?  I only passed one big clot, and have had light/medium bleeding, so I know I'm not even close to being done.  How long can I expect this to last?  Doctor didn't give me much info on what to expect, and I didn't ask honestly as I figured I'd rather talk with women who have actually been through it as the last time I asked he pretty much said every person is different and he couldn't really tell me for sure when to expect it to start.  I know each person is different, but wondering if I should be prepared for more severe cramping - if so I'm tempted to ask the doc for stronger pain meds in advance than midol/ibuprofen because the pain the first time around was so severe.  Thanks in advance for your input.

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  • No advice as I had to get a d&c because my body wouldn't naturally release it. Did you opt for the natural miscarriage or did the doc give options? The d&c was nice because it was quick and done with. However, for a no surgery route the doc can prescribe you vaginal suppositories that can make the process much faster. I'm so sorry you're going through this.
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  • It does seem to vary a lot for each woman, but based on some of the posts here, I gather that  the further along you are, the harder it can be physically. I started to miscarry at 6.5 weeks where an u/s showed the baby barely made it to 5 weeks. I bled and had cramps similar to a heavy period with the cramps being pretty bad for the first two days, then lightening on the third day, and getting slightly stronger again on the fourth day, but only for a few hours. After that, it was pretty mild and everything was pretty much done within a week of the first signs (an u/s on day 4 showed no products of conception). I didn't take anything for the pain, but used a heating pad which helped a lot. I would guess you'll have at least a few more days of cramping, at least until everything passes, which hopefully your body will do on its own, and soon so you can "reset" quicker and get back to trying. Good luck, and I hope the worst of the pain is over!
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  • Thanks for the feedback...The doc explained the options and we decided to go natural unless it didn't start on its own within two weeks and it started within two days of the last test, so that is good. The heating pad definitely helped when I used it on and off today for the less severe cramping but nothing helped when it got really bad. I hope the worst of it is over but at least now I am somewhat prepared if it comes back with the severe cramping and know it will let up (when it first happened I saw no end in sight).
  • Welcome to the board and I'm sorry for your loss.  As your doc said, everyone is different.  All I can say is that in my first m/c, I was 10 1/2 weeks along and I wasn't given the option to m/c naturally.  I was told I needed to have a D&C because I had so much tissue that I retained.  I would call the doctor if the pain seems unbearable, because you don't want to go through so much pain and then be told you need to have a D&C afterall.  Good luck and I hope the pain you are experiencing ends soon!!
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  • Thank you JCM. The pain hasn't been bad today, more like a heavy period type of cramping than the crippling pain I had yesterday AM. Still hoping that the worst is over as I did pass a "clump" of something...not sure if it was the sac or not as I've never seen one before but since then the pain has been much less severe. Thanks again for your support.
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