Won't dilate / scar tissue ?

I had to have an emergency c section . I went to the hospital with transitional type labor , 5 min ( no joke) long contractions , vomiting, etc . However I wasn't dilating ( no meds btw ) and then my baby's heart rate kept dropping . The nurses kept asking me if I had surgery done on my cervix or any reason for scar tissue on my cervix . My question is how do you get scar tissue on your cervix ? Has anyone else experienced this ?

Re: Won't dilate / scar tissue ?

  • I have no personal experience. I would think you would know if you somehow had scar tissue on your cervix. I know some people require a cervical cerclage during pregnancy, and that could cause a little scar tissue, I would think. Also, perhaps some STDs would cause scar tissue. Did they give you any explanations?
  • They kept asking me that when I went into labor with lo and I didn't understand why at the time (you know, contractions and all).  I never progressed past 4 cm, with pitocen, and eventually had an emergency s/c.  But after talking with family and friends afterward, I think I might know why they were asking: severe endometriosis runs in my family (I'm talking I am one of the few to get k/u without a laparoscopy being done first).  I'm wondering if the scar tissue isn't from the endo...  So if you have endo, it could be from that... just a theory. 
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  • Interesting about STDs. I've never tested positive for the common ones . But maybe a symptom free strand of hpv ? My doctor gave no explanation . He said he had no idea why I wasn't dilating .
  • I just had my first LO 3/12 I was induced with Cytotec first, then cervadil. Then, I was on and off pitocin for 20 hours, OB broke my water and after 36 total hours I had only progressed to barely a 2. Right before my c/s, OB asked if I had ever had a cone leep before. I had, and she said that could cause scar tissue.
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  • Similar story here - the answer eludes me as I never had any procedures, infections, endo, or STD's. The doctor and nurse were baffled. I had a CS and will be having another one in July.
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