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bottle flow size

Here I read about how daycare should feed BM babies slowly like nursing, I think 10 min per oz is what I read.
Anyway, the bottle come in different flow size, generally you go up one size after 3 month. My LO started daycare this week and she is now turning 4 month. she is definitely better at nursing then before. So should I not change her bottle nipple size since I want her to remain slow when she is bottle fed? Currently she is there for 1/2 day only and sometime she eats 7 oz (2 feedings), sometimes she eats 4 oz (also 2 feedings) in the 4 hrs she is there. So I can't really tell if she is consistently eating fast and a lot or not plus she's only been there 1 week. Just wondering what other mom's have done with older babies and their bottles.
thank you.

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Re: bottle flow size

  • We never changed the flow, he always had the slowest flow, but that is just us, I'm not sure what the norm is. He had the bottle twice a day when I worked until we transitioned to sippy cups when he was older.
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  • keep slow flow. 

    My DS is 7 months and we use Dr. Brown bottles with premie nipples. 

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  • I see, I think I'll keep her with the slow flow then. I use the comotomo bottles and I've never seen it collapse and she hasnt fussed about it yet. But she definitely is faster when nursing.
    thanks everyone.
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  • cinderin said:
    keep slow flow. 

    My DS is 7 months and we use Dr. Brown bottles with premie nipples. 
    Me too!  A NICU nurse suggested Dr Brown's preemie nipples and I love them.  Where do you get yours cinderin?  I haven't found them in stores anywhere and have to order them from Amazon.  
  • Buy Buy Baby has the Dr. Brown's preemie nipples. That's where I found them anyway.
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  • I agree with PPs to stick with slow flow.  We did with DD from when she was first taking a bottle to 1 year old.  Unless there's an issue, I would leave it alone!
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    I found the dr browns preemie nipples at bru for under 6.00 for two
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