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Intro (children mentioned)

Hi, I guess I'm joining the group, and thought  should intro. I'm 40, dh is 47. We've been married for almost a year, and been ttc since October 2012. I have three kids from my previous marriage who are 21, 18 and 16. Dh has none of his own.

We finally decided to pursue testing, and we just found out today that dh has major issues. His SA came back with a zero count. Zero. We are stunned and so sad. His doc did some blood tests today, and he is having a testicular ultrasound next Monday. He is also getting referred to a specialist. 

I'm not sure if there is any hope at all and I don't even know where we'll go from here. I guess we kind of need to let it soak in for few days before we decide if we might pursue other avenues, but I was just looking to see if anyone else had a dh with a zero count that had any luck, or what questions we should be asking , or anything really. Thanks.
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Re: Intro (children mentioned)

  • Thanks ladies. I'm just in such shock right now, and dh had to go to work soon after his appointment, so I'm just sitting here in a daze interrupted by crying jags. I suck. I need ice cream and booze.
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  • I'm sorry. That really sucks. Obviously you need to get more info, but I've learned enough about MFI so far to be able to say don't lose hope just yet. Sometimes there are things that can be done. Take time to let it sink in and take care of you and YH. I hope you get answers and better news soon!
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