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Warning!! Local Business- Silly Monkeys Playhouse

To all Mommy's out there! I am a stay at home mom who is always out and about with my toddler looking for awesome places for children! I know how difficult and expensive it is raising kiddos. And how great it is to get really good tips on what's a good value and lots of fun! I've recently been very disappointed with a local business and wanted to reach out so others are aware of what I experienced. Although the classes at Silly Monkey's Playhouse are indeed very good and the place is clean, there are many negatives. First, there is only one location and there are not many class offerings. If you do not live very close to Coconut Grove it is nearly impossible to get to class at the allotted times. Second, it is a very small gym and can get pretty crowded. A big negative is that the owner is not very flexible in regards to makeups. And be careful if you pay for a class... If your circumstances change or you do not like the class, there are no refunds.. Period. There is no substituting for a different class, there is no credit for merchandise or parties, etc.. The owner will just unreasonably take your money even if you cannot make it to class. My opinion, there are many other great activities children can enjoy! If you want to sign up for an indoor gym membership, shoot for Gymboree or the Y. Both are big corporate chains with lots of locations, class offerings, and are much more professional and flexible with their customers. Also, Zoo Miami has a wonderful yearly membership program and it is cheap! And Miami Children's Museum is very cool for parties! A big negative is that Silly Monkey's classes are really expensive for what it is. Not worth it. Ended up just being a really big hassle for us. Very disappointed Mommy. :(
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