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My daughter is 8mos. old today!  She got her bottom 2 teeth just before 6mos., but in the last month or so, she's really started to use them...on me!  In the last couple of weeks, it's been an almost "every time" occurrence while nursing.  I have read online advice before - the gist of which is that the solution is really dependent on the baby.  I've taken the stern "No!" and immediately ceasing the feed approach.  She thinks the "no" is funny and only sometimes seems to mind stopping.  I'm not really ready to wean, but this problem is really turning the nursing time into a negative experience for me.  (Up to now, I've really enjoyed this time with Baby.)  I also think it may be impacting my production.  I try to watch her closely to head her off and stop the feeding if she seems to lose interest or if I can tell she's about to bite, but I also don't want to prematurely stop her if she's still hungry.  Any advice?

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  • you already know all the right things to do, because you just mentioned them all! ;) try not to react as much as possible (even though it's really hard!). my DS always found it funny when i screamed. like you said, you really need to watch your DD and when she stops nursing consistently, *immediately* de-latch her. i wouldn't worry about stopping her when she's still hungry-- when they're truly hungry, they are focused on feeding and not on biting and fooling around. end the session and you can always try again later.

    have you started solids yet? if your LO seems bitey, you could offer her an apple slice or a piece of bell pepper or some other fruit or veg to gnaw on. (or frozen fruit or BM in a mesh feeder.)

    this is just a phase though, and she will undoubtedly lose interest in it soon.
  • I took a BF class and the LC leading it said she had success with the following: If she got bit, she would not say anything but immediately delatch and then put baby down in a safe place and turn around so he/she can't see your face. Stay like that for 2-3 minutes and then pick them up and try again. They will soon learn that biting means you get no food AND no interaction either.

    I hope you find something that works!
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  • Thank you!  Great advice.  I have started solids - not long before the biting started.  I thought that perhaps this was what spurred it.  I'll try these great ideas and hopefully the phase ends soon.
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