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Pumping bottle question

I am planning to use the Medela pump. I am having a baby in April and planning to breastfeed. I plan to use the pump for when I go back to work or when my husband needs to feed the baby. Should I just buy the medela bottles or a different brand? Does it make it a lot more convenient to h ave the same brand bottles? Do they work well? Thanks!

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  • It is handy to have the medela bottles because you can pump right into them, but babies can be funny about nipples in general. Some will take any old kind and some are super fussy and you have to keep trying different bottles/nipples to find one they like.

    I would say buy ONE medela nipple (calma) and if baby likes it, great! Mine did NOT like the medela calma nipple at first, but after a few tries, he got the hang of it.
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  • it is convenient to be able to pump directly into the bottles that you're using for feeding (less things to wash).

    some brands, like tommee tippee, make an adapter so that you can use them with the medela pump. that's what i used.

    like PPs said, don't buy a ton of any one kind of bottle until you figure out what your LO prefers.
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  • I have the medela pump and as I write this I am at work pumping into my Dr. Brown's bottles that screw into the medela pump.  I do have the medela bottles (the 4 that came with my pump) which I use occasionally, but I like the Dr. Browns ones better and love that they fit right on the pump
  • I have several different types of bottles and they all fit the Medela pump.
  • I have an Ameda Pump and am able to pump into the bottles that came with it or the Medela Calma.  Most of the time I put the Medela Calma nipple on the Ameda bottle that i pumped into.  We are currently doing 1 bottle per day.  I had tried the Avent Natural and am glad he didn't like that one because I wouldn't be able to pump into that and it would be extra washing.  
  • I pump into Medela bottles but feed LO with avent natural ones. Now he drinks directly from a normal cup because he is on bottle strike x.x
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