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How can I transport my milk?

Mommies, I need ideas. I'm pumping and BF, and hubby and I are toying around with the idea of taking a short vacation (3-4 days) w/o baby in a few months. We would be flying several hours to get to our destination. While on vacation I plan to pump, but how will I get my pumped milk home? Any ideas?

Re: How can I transport my milk?

  • theresat said it. :-bd
  • Maxcool makes a backpack cooler that will hold at least 100 oz of milk in bags.  I traveled for around 8 hours and never had to change out my ice.  Put the ice in a ziploc bag if you are using a softsided cooler...they aren't waterproof.  I found that out the hard way.  Also, I suggest keeping the milk in as few of containers as possible.  I traveled by air recently and they had to test every single bag in the explosives tester box thing.  It took them almost 20 minutes.  Be prepared for the possibility of argument.  The first TSA person I spoke with first told me I had to dump it out.  I had to ask to speak with a supervisor.  
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