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New here, wanted to say hi!

Hi ladies!

I've been married for almost 15 years (in June) and have a son who will be 10 in August. DH had a bone marrow transplant 9 years ago (10 year anniversary in December!!), and we froze sperm before his treatment so that we could TTC again if we wanted.

So, the time is right for TTC, and I just had my first IUI done on 2/20. That makes me 5 days into my TWW. Just trying to keep busy and not obsess about it...the waiting is so hard!!! Just wondering if anyone else out there is in their TWW? Having minor, minor cramps today...which is earlier than I would normally cramp before I start. I'm driving myself nuts!! My RE just told me to wait until the time I would start and test then and call with the result. So, I would start sometime between Wednesday-Friday of next week most likely, so I'll prob test next Wed, which would be 13 days after my IUI. Is that too soon? For those of you who've done this, how early did you test?


Re: New here, wanted to say hi!

  • Welcome! Most of the ladies on this board are undergoing IVF. Check out Trouble Trying to Concieve and you'll find a weekly IUI check in. Some of us--like me--post on both boards. But to answer your question, I usually say that I'll test 12 days past IUI, but end up caving on 11 days past. Good luck!
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