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Follistim Pen Question

Hello Ladies! So, I am in the process of doing my first IVF cycle. And this is all really new to my husband and myself.  My question is how do I know when the Follistim Pen is empty? I know my nurse said it will stop but my problem is on the box it says 600. And I have been doing 225 for 3 days and today I did 150. But every time I give myself the shot it hasn't stop once. I know there are overfills but I feel like this is too much and I should switch the cartridge out. Confused... And I just hope I haven't messed something up. Any advice?

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  • That does seem like a lot of overfill and the pen should stop. The most overfill I've gotten is 150. I would take the pen apart and remove the cartridge. I'm guessing it will be empty!
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  • They tend to overfill the cartridges by a lot, so you're good :) I've always had at least 150iu of overfill, sometimes more.

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  • I also did 225 iu on the 600 & got 3 full shots and a 75 iu as the last one. It's weird, like they measured way off ... Go figure...

  • Thanks ladies. I am just a little nervous because that is 225 over. But when I took the needle there was still liquid coming out of the needle. I am for sure going to switch it out tomorrow. I just hope I have done everything right.
  • There is a grey plunger in the vial. Look at it and move the vial around and see if there is still liquid in it.
    The pen will stop when it's empty if you don't get the full dose it won't be at zero
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  • I'm completely out of pocket for meds and the cycle itself so we have been doing everything to cut corners, have been taking what is left over in the cartridges to make up full doses in the little insulin needles they give you for Lupron. So far I am on day 8 and I am on 300 ui a day. For those day I have used 4 of the 300 ui cartridges, 1 600 ui cartridge and I've been able to make up two full 300 ui doses from what is overfill in the cartridges. So that's a total of 600 ui overfill between 5 cartridges plus I still have some left in one of the cartridges too. So there's my experience for what it's worth! I often wonder why they don't just have us draw up the medication into a needle rather than messing around with that pen. No idea why...
  • I was not aware of the overfill in Follistim pens so when I finished my first full cartridge & realized there was still some in there, I drew it up with a needle & injected it as I thought the full dose did not come out!  My nurse was not happy with me!

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  • I learned after the first set that there usually is extra and just about my whole dose. 225iu. (Or more) When I didn't have that much in the pen you couldn't push it in anymore and had to change cartridges.
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  • Usually get about 100-150 in overfill, don't waste the overfill.
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