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I know you're coming so hurry up already! (Vent)

Just need to vent!  I'm getting so impatient waiting for AF to arrive so I can start my first medicated cycle!  I have all my typical symptoms but they're lasting longer than they usually do.  I did POAS twice (negative) so I know she's coming it's just a matter of when now.  
I've been looking forward to starting something new and really feeling proactive and positive - it's frustrating to be stuck.  And of course I've never been this late before so I keep wondering what might be wrong.  Ugh!!
Me:36 DH:40
Married since May, 2012; TTC since September, 2012
DX: Blocked Fallopian Tube, Hashimoto's
March 2014 - Clomid, Trigger, TI = BFN, April 2014 - Clomid, Trigger, TI = BFN, May 2014 - Clomid, estrogen, trigger, IUI = BFN, June & July 2014 - Natural cycles = BFN, August 2014 - Femara, estrogen, trigger, IUI = BFN, September 2014 - Femara, estrogen, trigger, IUI = BFN
Prepping for IVF in with ER/ET slated for early February

Re: I know you're coming so hurry up already! (Vent)

  • Sooooo frustrating, I felt the same way last week. Just try to keep focused on the next cycle!!!

    TTC #1 since 3/2013 / 13 cycles in
    Me: 32 / DH: 36 (Low counts, varicocele)                                       
    1/2014 - 50 mg Clomid / Ovulated before IUI could be performed = BFN 2/2014
    2/2014 - 5 mg Femara + Menopur + Ovidrel + IUI =  Blood test 14dpo confirmed BFP 3/17/14

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