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First Birthday Party Poll

DH & I are disagreeing on some things about DD's 1st birthday party.  I would love to hear from everyone -- those who have already thrown the party, those that are planning it right now, and those that have attended 1st birthday parties! 

Where was the party?  Your house?  Rented hall?

What time was the party and how long was it?  Did you plan it around DC's nap schedule?

How many people were invited?  Was it friends and family or just one of the two?

Would you be upset if you saw "Gifts not Necessary" on the invite?  What about a request to bring a book that would be donated to a local charity?

 Thanks for the input!  I appreciate it! 


Re: First Birthday Party Poll

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    We had Griffin's in October at our house.  It started at 4, which was right after his nap.  There was no end time on the invitation, because we had invited a TON of friends and family and most everyone stayed until about 7, but others did not leave until almost 9.  It was a blast and I do not regret having almost 40 people here.  We will only do a huge birthday for our kids 1st birthday parties.  All the rest will be family and our kids friends.  We did not include "gifts only", but I would not be opposed to attending a party that requested that.  Most people will bring a gift anyway.  I think the book request is a neat idea, but I'm still think people would love to bring a gift for the birthday girl.  Good luck.  Don't stress over it.
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    Obviously not too far into the planning process but I've been to a few of these. 

     Where was the party?  Your house?  Rented hall? The party will be at our house.

    What time was the party and how long was it?  Did you plan it around DC's nap schedule?  DS doesn't have a super rigid nap schedule (although he probably will be then), but if I had to guess ours will be an afternoon affair starting at 1 or 2.  That's when most of the ones I've been to have started.  I don't think most of the ones I've been to had a specific end time but they typically last 3-4 hours.

    How many people were invited?  Was it friends and family or just one of the two? We'll invite friends and family. 

    Would you be upset if you saw "Gifts not Necessary" on the invite?  What about a request to bring a book that would be donated to a local charity?  I personally wouldn't find it offensive but some people might.  You can put it on there if you like but I think most people will disregard it.  Even if you do the book thing I would venture to guess a fair amount of people will still bring a gift for the birthday girl.

    Happy planning!

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    Kat's birthday party is scheduled for 1:00, with no end time.  It is at our house, and we are keeping it small.  (family and a few close friends)  People have asked us what she wants for a gift and we are saying thank you, but nothing.  She got sooooo many toys and clothes for Christmas that we don't even know what to do with what we have.
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    We are going to have Rylee's party at the community building, only because we have a really small house 900sqft. We also have new carpet, Rylee's party is next week and it is muddy. My family smokes and we don't let anyone smoke in the house. It is only $45.

    Her party is going to be from 3:30-5:30. We did plan it around her naps. She takes her last nap at 2 and usually wakes around 3:15.

    We sent out 35invites, but I have a big family and that was my Aunts and Uncles, grandparents, IL's, parents and just 3 friends.

     If I saw no gifts I would probably bring money and a book.

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    Katie's party is at a community center. The only reason it is there is because of our large family. Just grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins will be around 75 people. We are only inviting our close friends which is like 10 people. Also, we won't have to worry about cleaning our house, etc. It just makes it easier.

    We tossed the idea around about just having my parents and brothers and sister, however, I asked both my mom and my MIL is they wanted me to invite my aunts and uncles. They both said yes. They were going to have separate parties for her anyway, so to avoid this, I just combined it into one.

    Her party is after lunch, but before dinner. She typically naps in the morning and is dropping her afternoon nap right now. 1-4 seems liked a good time for it.

    I think even if you put gifts not necessary, people are still going to bring something. I would feel weird going to a 1st birthday and not have a present for a kid. It's different when it's an adult party. I like the idea of a donated gift, but then again, I would bring a book and also something for the birthday girl. HTH!

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    Haven't done it, but here is what we will do: it will be at our house, and we'll probably have food from somewhere like Subway since I am the worst cook ever. I love Subway's party sandwiches. We'll do ours in the later afternoon or early evening since it will be warm out in May, hopefully, on a weekend (probably a Sat. since DD's b-day will be a Sunday, which is Mother's Day). We'll invite all our close friends in the area but we don't have any family. We will definitely put "no gifts, please, just bring yourself!" on the invite since we are absolutely drowning in toys!!!

    Have fun!

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    I think we're going to limit the number of people we invite because I want to do it at our house. Not only do I not want to pay to rent out a hall or restaurant, but I want DD to be comfortable and have her toys to play with during the party, etc. Ours will be immediate family and maybe a few friends. I have several dozen cousins and we've long since abandoned the idea of inviting extended family to every party. I want to have a nice party for her, but keep it low-key. I don't want it to turn into a big production that just overwhelms her. I'm also tossing around the "gifts not necessary" idea. Have fun planning!

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    Ha, just realized my post sounded a little b!tchy when I said we wouldn't have any family at the party. That's because they all live out-of-state-- we have no relatives within a four-hour-drive-- and will be visiting earlier in the month-- not because we don't like them or anything :). I'd have them all there if I could!
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    Ours was at our house. We started it at 1:00 which is after her morning nap. Most people left around 4:00. We don't really have much family in the area so ours was just our parents (who all came into town for it), the few of DH's family who live here, and a couple close friends. Our house is small and we couldn't have fit many more people than this anyway. I wouldn't be upset about Gifts Not Necessary but I'm betting people will still bring gifts. Same thing if you do the book idea. It's worth a shot though. We got way too many toys at Piper's birthday.
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    We plan to have a barbeque in our back yard for family and friends. No more than 20 people.  I would not be offended by the "no gifts necessary" written on the invite but I would bring one anyway.  I love your book idea!
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    Where was the party?  Your house?  Rented hall? We had out party at our house.

    What time was the party and how long was it?  Did you plan it around DC's nap schedule? Our started at 4pm and we did plan it around her nap schedule since she normally takes a nap at 1pm.

     How many people were invited?  Was it friends and family or just one of the two? We invited mainly family, aunts/uncles, parents and a few frirends/neighbors that we are close to.   

    Would you be upset if you saw "Gifts not Necessary" on the invite?  What about a request to bring a book that would be donated to a local charity? I agree I think people would still bring a gift. If it was me, I would bring a few books if the invite read something like that.  

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    We are having it at our house.  It's 12-2 but I'm thinking people will linger and that's fine.  I definitely planned it around his nap schedule.  It's all about him that day and I don't want him to be crabby.  It stinks that it's right in the middle of lunch, but I'm probably just going to serve pulled pork sandwiches that I'll make in the crock pot the day before.  We live in a small house, but we are inviting family and a few of his friends....he's definitely enjoying playing with other kids and I think he would have fun with children there and not just aunts, uncles, and grandparents. 

    I would do whatever you think would work best for your little one.  You don't want to deal with a crabby child all day long either!  Have fun!  :-)

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    We had Ava's party at the park, but her b-day is in August... had it been during cold winter I would have had it at our house, I would not have rented a place.

    Our party was 3:00 p.m. (after naptime) and I did not specifiy an end time on the invite.  It lasted about 2.5-3 hours.  Since it was between lunch and dinner, we just served snacks rather than a meal--veggies and ranch dip, meatballs in the crockpot, cheeseball and crackers, deli spirals, etc.  Oh, and cupcakes of course!

    We invited about 30-40 people, and about 25 people attended.  It was just family and a few close friends.

    I wouldn't be upset if I saw gifts not necessary on an invite, but I do enjoy giving gifts, especially to little ones.  Also, I am all for charity (and we do give throughout the year), but I have to say that it was great getting gifts at Ava's party.  Most people brought clothes and books instead of toys.  Clothes are great since they are always growing (her Fall wardrobe was completely covereD), and I was VERY excited to add to her library!

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    We kind of went all out for Evans first bday party since his difficult beginning and just to celebrate the fact that he lived. 

    We had it at our house but it was during the summer so we could be both inside and outside.  We had a keg, rented a big jumpy thing and ball thing and had tons of food.  The main dish was noodles and sauce with cheese.  Nothing fancy at all but we had a lot of sides and appetizers.  It went from 1pm till keg ran out.   I think it was about 85 people total.

    I would not be upset at all if I saw no gifts and asked to donate something instead.  I think that is a very nice idea. 

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    We had it at our house from noon to 2:00 and served lunch.  We don't stick to a super strict schedule, so we just made sure DD was rested.  We had 12-15 people, including the 3 of us.  It was a combination of friends and family.

    Gifts are a pretty big part of little kid birthday parties.  I think people would expect and want to bring one.  I think if you mention something about a book for charity people will feel obligated to do that in addition to a gift.  JMO, though.

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    We are in planning stages now. 

    We are renting our clubhouse ($50) we think.  Our apt is too small to fit as many people that might be coming plus I have a dog and cat to worry about.  We aren't positive yet.  I am concerned with space though.

    We have to do it after 4p b/c our clubhouse is open but DS is usually awake by then.

    We have adults and children coming.  We invited Family and Friends (close ones).  We are looking at possibly over 50 people (not sure the clubhouse will work now, AHHH). 

    I personally understand that there are too many toys but I always take something to a birthday party no matter what.  I also don't get offended if someone says they already have it and want to exchange it (I always give gift receipts!).  Good luck in what you decide.

    Our kids are 19mths apart and we LOVE it!!

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