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HcG and progesterone update

Hi ladies! So I'm on my break at work and called the gyno. for blood work results. They said HcG is only 36 which I am happy about because after my m/c last year my HcG was off the charts, it was so high! She also told me they tested my progesterone levels. I didn't catch what she said the number was but I'm assuming it was higher than normal, and the other tests were "in range". Did anyone have experience with following progesterone down to zero? I didn't do that in my last m/c, unless they did it and just didn't bother to tell me. Anyway, going back in on Thursday afternoon for another blood draw to see if the levels go down. Doctor also ordered an evaluation for my irregular periods which I am happy about although I will have to wait until all the other numbers are zero or negative. Anyway I think this is good news overall and I could definitely use some good news! Happy Monday!
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BFP#1:   2/2/13 ~ exact m/c date unknown but around 3/20 at 10 weeks ~ diagnosed with PMP ~ D&C on 4/5 ~ TTA for at least 1 year due to PMP ~ cleared to TTC 1/14

BFP#2:   2/7/14 ~ m/c 2/20/14 ~ possibly due to chemical pregnancy ~ TG no D&C is needed 

Surprise BFP#3:  4/4/14 ~ super duper extra happy (and nervous) about this one - EDD 12/9/14!!!

John Joseph was born on 12/12/14 at 7 lbs. 11 oz.  He is the most beautiful rainbow baby we could have wished for!


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