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Your cycles after miscarriage

I had my d&c on 12/11. I got AF six weeks later for 3 days light. It's now been almost 5 weeks since I've had AF last. Did this happen to anyone. I guess everything will be off for a while??

Re: Your cycles after miscarriage

  • (Warning: Pregnancy Mentioned) Yes this did happen to me. I had a D&C last April and continue to have irregular periods since then. I wouldnt worry too much unless you stop getting them at all. I was still able to get pregnant again (this ended in m/c too but unrelated to irregular periods). Good luck with AF!
    Married my best friend 7/2/11 - Furbaby born 7/9/11 and brought into our home 9/1/11

    BFP#1:   2/2/13 ~ exact m/c date unknown but around 3/20 at 10 weeks ~ diagnosed with PMP ~ D&C on 4/5 ~ TTA for at least 1 year due to PMP ~ cleared to TTC 1/14

    BFP#2:   2/7/14 ~ m/c 2/20/14 ~ possibly due to chemical pregnancy ~ TG no D&C is needed 

    Surprise BFP#3:  4/4/14 ~ super duper extra happy (and nervous) about this one - EDD 12/9/14!!!

    John Joseph was born on 12/12/14 at 7 lbs. 11 oz.  He is the most beautiful rainbow baby we could have wished for!


  • I chose to use Cytotec to help speed along natural miscarriage and so far my next two cycles have been clockwork.  A little different in the intensity of O pains and my OPK patterns, but AF came right on time as did O.  Good luck with AF- it'll be here soon I'm sure!

    *** siggy warning- losses mentioned- everyone welcome *****


    Me:  36

    DH:  42  (w/ 2 children from prior marriage)

    Us:  TTC for our 1st together since August 2013

    1st BFP:  November 2013  (m/c at 7 wks)

    2nd BFP:  February 2014  (m/c at 6 wks)

    RPL Panel started in March 2014

    3rd BFP:  May 2014 (m/c at 5 wks)

    4th BFP:  June 2014 (CP at 4 wks)

    RE appt in June 2014 (all RPL panel tests are's likely egg quality due to my age and borderline DOR)

    Baseline AFC: 8 follies

    2 IUI cycles (July and August 2014- both BFN)

    IVF #1 w/ ICSI & PGS- October 2014 (AFC: 8 follies; ER Oct 20:  5R/3M/2F;  the 2 only made it to day 3 and stopped growing before biopsy)

    key supplements: DHEA (25mg- 3x/day); CoQ10 (300 mg/day) ISWTE believer here!

    IVF #2 EPP w/ ICSI & PGS- AFC:  13 follies!   10R/6M/6F-  5 biopsied for PGS- 1 normal embryo

    FET scheduled for February 2015 delayed in order to do one more ER in hopes of getting at least 1 more normal embryo

    IVF #3 EPP w/ ICSI & PGS:  7R/5M/5F-  2 biopsied for PGS- 1 normal embryo

    FET #1 April 23, 2015:  1 PGS tested embryo transferred - BFN

    FET #2 June 30, 2015:  1 PGS tested embryo transferred- BFP!! 


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