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A void deep inside

I was just wondering when this emptiness in side my heart will end. I lost my baby I never knew I had in me at 8 weeks 2 and a half weeks ago. A very surprising miscarriage. My brain is starting to function and see things clear and I'm getting back to work and living life but I just feel a really deep empty void and I personally can't handle it another second. I just want to feel full again.

Re: A void deep inside

  • Most of us on here probably won't be able to answer that question. I think for me I will never be full again. I think my babies took a piece of me when they went to heaven. I'm assuming as time goes on we learn to live without those "pieces" and are "ok" but it will never go away. We learn to cope but don't forget. I think that day is so so far away from me. But I think that's normal for having gone through this so recently.

    HUGS to you. I literally feel your pain and I wish there was some magic pill we could take to feel better but I think it will just take time.
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