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Pregnancy ADD?

I can't stay focused for NOTHIN'! :) anyone else struggling? :) I'm sure there are a lot of you out there that totally know what I'm talking about!

Re: Pregnancy ADD?

  • I was TOTALLY Preg ADD the first time around. I was TOTALLY obsessed with everything pregnancy related and couldn't think of anything else.

    This time around it's weird. I'm aware I'm pregnant, I'm sick, I'm hungry, I'm out of breath, and I'm VERY active on here but somehow it's not real. Totally f*ing weird feeling. When I had my u/s yesterday (and it wasn't my first this pregnancy) I felt a little shocked to see LO in there and I went to bed last night telling myself I'm really pregnant.... again! I think it's finally sinking in. :P
  • Haha I totally get what you mean! This is my third pregnancy and I'm still not convinced I'm pregnant most days! And I'm constantly wanting to do anything and everything other than what I'm actually supposed to be doing... It's getting tough to be any kind of productive! I need to get it together! There is still a long road ahead :)
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