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*** triumphantreturnofplanningbug ***

i saw your to do list about getting your DH to eat healthier and get the grocery lists together... 

have you ever heard of saving dinner? its AMAZING! it has heart healthy, economical recipes, and the book (or the emails) give you your grocery list for the week and 6 recipes for dinners (all are pretty easy to make, even for a not so experienced person).

i have the book and I LOVE IT, it goes by the seasons so it uses fresh - in season produce... so much fun... 

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Re: *** triumphantreturnofplanningbug ***

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    OOOHHHHH!!!  Thank you!!  We tried to do the "cook

    together when we're together, freeze, and then have

    meals ready" thing, but that just didn't work.  It looks like

    there are loads of resources there, even if we don't buy

    the recipes, I've already opened six articles in new tabs.


    Do you do the book or the email subscriptions?

    Mother's Day, 2011
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    we have the book, it covers an entire year! I haven't tried the email subscription yet, but i've hovered over the "purchase" button more than a few times...

    it really does make life 100% easier when it comes to dinner... I've noticed that if we do our own thing for a while, after about 3 months we get into a food rut... we end up eating out more, having no options for dinner and eating the same things over and over again.

    i also noticed that when we started following the meal schedules that our grocery bill went down significantly (because we stopped buying things we didn't need and less frozen dinner items)

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