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Birth Story Slam - interested in telling your birth story?

Hey Boston moms,

I am helping to organize a Birth Story Slam this April in Somerville.  This spoken word event will bring together mothers and their partners to discuss childbirth experiences. We are specifically looking for a broad range of stories, be they wonderful, disappointing or somewhere in between.  Various places of birth and storyteller diversity are also important to us - there is no one story that we hope people will tell.  The only requirement we have is that tellers speak from their experience and be authentic.  Here is a bit of a description.  If you are interested, please email birthstoryslam AT gmail DOT com.  You may also PM me if you would like to discuss.  (I will be a teller as well as an organizer for the event).

The Birth Story Slam was conceived as a way to create space for women’s voices in the conversation about childbirth.  Our goal is to bring to light the stories that too often remain hidden in hospital rooms, to challenge the stereotypes of those who seek an alternative, to bring together women and their community to realize the shared experience of childbirth.

Through this event, we aim to create a safe space for unpacking the joyful, ordinary, and devastating experiences that define childbirth in the US, to open up the conversation, while also serving as a launch point for action. Birth stories will be be limited to five minutes and free coaching for tellers will be provided by Mass Mouth for those that are interested (not required).
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