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Fellow Expectant Mothers on the Northshore?

Are there any fellow expectant mothers who live on the Northshore? My family and I just moved back to Louisiana after being in Alabama for 7 years. Man, have things changed since we left! I am 14 weeks pregnant and looking for mom's groups and recommendations for an OBGYN and Pediatrician in the area. Thanks!


Re: Fellow Expectant Mothers on the Northshore?

  • Hey Wendy! I'm not an expectant mom anymore, but my little girl is 5weeks old! Recommendations for obgyn - Katherine Williams and Rachel Cresap at Center for Womens Health. They are both doctors. Check out their website. We have obviously just started with our pediatrician, but so far we like her - Dr. Mack-Williams at Northlake Pediatrics. I delivered at St. Tammany and can't say enough good things about it! Welcome home and best of luck to ya!
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  • Hi! I'm on the Northshore! Due in Feb 2015. I have also been going to Center for Women's Health. I've been seeing Dr. Pagan, but have heard nothing but good things about all of the other doctors there
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    I'm on the NS as well.  I see Dr. Brian Guillory and I adore him!  
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  • Just joined and looking for someone natural minded on the NS. Thanks! Due March 2015
  • Hey @betapanda - are you looking more for a midwife type or just a more homeopathic OB?
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  • Hi! I'm new, my husband and I live in Madisonville. Just found out we're approx 6 weeks. I'm looking for a midwife but am open to a OB as long as they are pro natural, intervention free process.
  • I moves to MS but still travel back to Dr. Brian Guillorys office to see nurse practitioner Liz Leblanc! I had to get an OB in MS but have every intention of going back to Dr. Guillory to see Liz after I deliver, I can't say enough about her! I wish I could deliver with them!
  • I'm on the Northshore, due early June. I see Dr Steen at Women's Health and Wellness. FTM.
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