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Spotting at 9 weeks

I'm 9w5d and had brown spotting today. I know logically that some bleeding/spotting can be normal and that brown is a better sign than red, but of course my fear and emotions are getting the best of me. I know there's really nothing I can do but wait and see, but that makes me feel helpless. So I thought at the very least, I could mention it on here and see you ladies had any advice, similar stories (willing to hear the good and bad), or encouragement. My last pregnancy I had not a drop of bleeding ever so this is new and scary to me.

Re: Spotting at 9 weeks

  • Ps- I called my doc and he said it sounds ok so far but I could come in for an ultrasound if I wanted, and I think I do want to, but I'm out of town for another week. ;,(
  • Hoping it is nothing! You are right, brown is better and spotting is common. Hope it goes away though! T&P...
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  • I began spotting last weekend, brown at first then period red and more often...I was really scared and on Monday I went in and baby is still there....I have another appt tomorrow....I've been brown spotting on and off this week (while on bedrest) point is don't worry you'll be ok :)

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  • I had brown spotting at weeks 5 and 7, likely because of my SCH. I'm 10 weeks 3 days right now and I haven't bled since. I honestly wouldn't worry unless it gets heavier or turns bright red. Brown means old blood. If an ultrasound puts your mind at ease, then definitely do it!

    Thinking of you! I too freaked out with the spotting, but so far, it's been uneventful. :)
  • At 9 weeks I had a little bit of red spotting..I went in for an ultrasound and the baby was fine with a strong heartbeat. Definitely get the ultrasound bc it will put your mind at ease!
  • I spotted during my first pregnancy, which turned out fine, and I am also having spotting with this one.  In my case, I'm pretty sure it's due to an irritable cervix.  Spotting can feel so scary; I hope everything turns out okay for you!
  • I had spotting since I found out at 4 weeks then 5 weeks and it stopped at 6. I am 10 weeks and had red spotting at the end of my 9th week last week. It is always sooo scary. I had a ultrasound yesterday to make sure all was okay and it was!! Baby looked great!
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    I had no spotting with my son but this pregnancy I've had brown / pink spotting at 4 and 6 weeks and red bleeding at 7.5 looked great @ 8 week ultrasound, so things look good so far!
    My understanding is that spitting isn't "normal" but its not uncommon and can be part of a healthy pregnancy. Good luck :)

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    Hopefully it's nothing. Spotting can cause some major anxiety. I think you did the right thing in contacting your doctor, and hopefully you can have an u/s done upon your return.

    I've been on both ends of the spotting. I had some light spotting with my previous miscarriages, I think it was a pinkish brown both times. I had a D&C both times because I wasn't miscarrying on my own. With this pregnancy, I've spotted three times. I think 1-2 times were because we had sex. It was just the tiniest bit of spotting and more of a brown shade. Since I was seeing an RE, I was having regular ultrasounds each week. Luckily, baby is growing healthy and right on track. I guess what I am trying to say is that it can be a sign of miscarriage, but it can also just be a normal part of pregnancy.
  • If I were you I would just go in for an US to ease your mind. If you are going to be out of town it would be awful to worry the entire time you are away. Put your feet up and drink a lot of water. Have you had sex recently? 
  • I had brownish spotting at 6 wks..It lasted a little over 2 wks. I was diagnosed with a SCH, though small.  I was put on limited physical activity, no sexy time, no gym, no lifting heavy stuff.  I was taking it very easy, was very scarred, but just kept being positive. The U/S's showed a healthy heart.  Im 10w4d now, and just went back to mild exercise yest.  Doc said I could only if there was no spotting or pain for 2 weeks.  I will see her on Monday :)

    My advice is get U/S as soon as you can just so you can have peace of mind. in the meantime, take it easy as much as you can

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  • rlyttle said:

    If I were you I would just go in for an US to ease your mind. If you are going to be out of town it would be awful to worry the entire time you are away. Put your feet up and drink a lot of water. Have you had sex recently? 

    The problem is, I already am out of town while this is happening. Won't be back til next week. And no sex, husband isn't even here. :,(
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