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I'm 22 weeks and love body pump.  My question is on the chest track.  My doctor said it was ok to be lying on an incline for a short period. I incline 3 steps on one side and 2 steps on the other side for the chest track.  I was wondering what incline you should use so we are not lying too flat.  I was also wondering if 3 steps and then 1 step on the other side was a better incline.  Just wondering what everyone else is doing for the chest track.

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    Hey there! This is a great question and the answer really depends on how you feel best. I am a BodyPump instructor and have seen a lot of women continue to attend classes through their third tri. The main concern with lying flat on your back is vena cava compression. For most exercises that you do on your back (for BodyPump this includes the chest and triceps track), tilting your bench on an incline will help prevent compression and still give you a good workout. If you feel woozy at any time, you should turn on your left side and slowly sit back up after you feel better. The level of incline is up to you, just pay attention to your breathing and any dizziness. Tilting the bench will engage your shoulders a bit more during the chest track, but that is just an added benefit! A couple more BodyPump tips - switch to freeweights for back and hamstrings when your bump prevents you from keeping the bar close to your body. Free weights for biceps also might be more comfortable as you get bigger. Make sure to watch your range of motion on squats as your ligaments and muscles loosen up in prep for labor. Lunges will become tricky as your center of balance changes, so pay attention to make sure you can do them with good form and stop if your form is compromised.

    This is really long, sorry!! Message me if you have any other BodyPump related questions. Your instructor should be able to help with modifications and questions as well!
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    Thank you.  I really appreciate the advice.
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    This was really helpful!! I still go to body pump every week!
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