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Convince me to buy a Kinderpack! (or not!)

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I keep hearing great things about Kinderpack, and I'd like to buy one BUT it is sooo expensive! I am a huge cheapskate, don't pay full price for anything (esp baby gear, since it's only used a short while).
Is it really worth the extra money? I can buy a Boba G3 or Beco Gemini used for $80. Would either of those match up to the kinderpack?
Some background, Gwen is 10 months, about 22 lbs, and she is my 3rd (possibly last) baby. I used to wear her (and my other 2) in a ring sling, but I lost it and cannot wait to get something new to carry her in.

Re: Convince me to buy a Kinderpack! (or not!)

  • Look up a local babywearing group. I would try on all the SSC's you can and pick based of fit. I've had 4 SSC's, a regular Ergo, Ergo Performance, Kinderpack, and a Tula. For me personally the Tula fits me best. My child is almost weightless and no pinching or pain. I had pinching and did a lot of fiddling with my KP as it dug a bit. It's all about fit.
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  • I agree that it's worth finding a group to try before you buy.  The standard Kinderpack is larger than the Boba or the Gemini (the Gemini is really quite small so not what I'd buy for a 10 month old).  You can buy them used, and they do have good resale value.  Action Baby Carrier would be another brand to take a look at that's less expensive.
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  • I bought one recently and it was worth every penny. Ive walked with my 28lb child in the front for 90 minutes and she felt weightless. I got it for $120 on sale--some sites do have sales on occasion. It wasn't the print I would have chosen but who cares?
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  • Thanks everyone, I ordered my Kinderpack! I do love that it holds its resale value well, and if its as comfy as everyone says then it will be a good investment! :)

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