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Thoughts on Travel during pregnancy? Any STMs want to chime in?

Ugh, so DH and I booked an all inclusive trip to a resort in Riviera Maya about a week before we got the BFP.  The plan was to go with a couple we know well that are dating. They are a lot of fun and love to go out and drink.  I will be in my 15th week for the trip, but since we bought the travel insurance, we're considering canceling.  I've been on diclegis and still sick for the past few weeks.  I'm hoping to be feeing better during 2nd Tri, but I'm thinking that even if I feel great, I'm not sure I want to go & DH is equally torn.  My OB said I should be fine and not to worry too much about food safety, but I just wonder if we will have a good time.  The plan was to sit by the pool, do some adventure trips/water sports and obviously go out with our friends. Only some of the things are off the table now, but I don't want to be this anchor that drags everybody down if I'm tired or not feeling well.  And will I even want to be sitting in the sun?  The trip is a full week and cost us about $4000.  Thoughts?
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Re: Thoughts on Travel during pregnancy? Any STMs want to chime in?

  • If you friends are mainly going for the drinking and adventure, I would much rather use the $4000 towards a vacation later on that I would enjoy more (whether later in your pregnancy when you're feeling better, or after the baby comes). I am also a FTM... that's what I would do. 

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  • I'm not sure if you already have kids, but speaking as a new mom, I can assure you once you have your LO you are not going to be thinking "VACATION" anytime soon.  I can't even imagine when DH and I will take our next vacation alone, and from what I hear (although wonderful!) traveling with children is not very relaxing.

    We took a baby moon about a month before our DD was born, and it was wonderful.  We swam, relaxed, walked, shopped, went out for great meals and even did some kayaking and snorkeling.  It was totally laid back, and it was a great boding time for DH and I.  

    I suggest you get that vacation in, even if you have to push it off a bit and make it about you and DH.  Were you planning on a last vacation with hubby before baby in addition to the trip to Mexico?  If you can do 2 trips, go for it.  At 15 weeks you will be fine in the sun.  But if you only get time for one more trip, you might reconsider taking the trip with friends and spend that last alone trip with DH before life gets REAL.  :)

    Good luck and have fun!  I envy that you are even talking about having fun in the sun!!!  

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  • And by "before life gets REAL," I'm not suggesting that life without kids isn't real.  Just wanted to clarify.  Ha!
  • I have to second that thought - vacation now coz it will suck once the kids are there. You can - but you're always on baby watch. We started traveling with my daughter at 4 months old and yeah..... it was hectic :)

    And if you can't figure out what to do - lay in the pool and drink lots of pretty virgin cocktails - that's pretty much an awesome vacation right there!
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  • @SocraTeaseMe, we don't have kids.  And we're in our early 40's.  It's going to be a huge adjustment for both of us.  I feel like if it was just DH and I going it would be a completely different story.  The fact that we planned this with two other people is what bothers me, I don't want to feel pressured to do anything I don't want to-especially if I'm not feeling great and I don't want to be the giant bummer of the trip. I should add that our friends booked the trip and the invited us to join them.  Am I crazy to feel like I might put a damper on their fun?  And DH's fun?   I'm thinking we should scrap this trip and do something on our own before this LO comes. Plus who wants to pay so much money and not be able to enjoy the open bar?  
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  • I would personally rebook for a later time in your pregnancy.  I was feeling sick until 18 weeks, and wanted nothing to do with anything.  I would rather go around 20-22 weeks with just DH and do stuff together so you are not at the pool by yourself while everyone is off on the tours.

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  • How far in advance do you need to cancel?  It sucks that you won't be able to enjoy the open bar, but I would die for a week in the sun and sand after this winter!  I don't know what types of activities you were thinking about, but I think you could still do most of the ones around the resort, and if the other couple want to go off and do day trips that don't interest you, just decline.

    The second tri brings a burst of energy and no more nausea for most people, so I think 15 weeks is a great time to go.
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  • I say you cancel this and use the money towards a vacation with just you and your hubby... on your own time ;)
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  • We went to Las Vegas somewhere around 15 or 16 weeks. I would say go. Make it clear to your firends that if you need a break, you're going to take a break, but that they should do whatever they want to do. You don't have to spend the entire time together. If they want to go off and do some water sports you and DH (or just you by yourself) can have a massage or sit by the pool. Take the opportunity to go now, who knows when you'll have another chance.

  • We went to Iceland for a once in a lifetime (because we are not rich) trip that we booked before my BFP.  I was very sick, and threw up many times on that trip, which was weeks 14-20 of my pregnancy.  However, I did take a few amazing hikes, saw some amazing sights, and I didn't feel like I missed out majorly.  I did spend one day in bed, and missed out on a couple of neat things booked that day.  I threw up my oatmeal back into the bowl in a community breakfast room one day.  I threw up on the plane coming home, which definitely made me think that throwing up is not a very common occurrence on planes.  But would I be able to go on long treks to volcanoes with a baby?  Would I enjoy the weird campy highlands hot spring dipping culture with a baby?  Would I take a baby to super cold glacier hiking?  No.  So I'm not happy about the timing or about how I had about the worst pregnancy anyone ever had, but I'm glad I got to do this once in my life, and now we'd probably always choose a child friendly trip, college savings, or just buying stuff kids need rather than an extravagant trip.  If trips like this are common for you, then go.  If you only have 4K to spend on a trip once, perhaps wait until your LO is old enough to stay with friends or whoever and go then.
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  • I went to London in the second tri last time and felt fine, but it seems like this might be a completely different trip. The temptation of margarita's might be a little too painful. I don't think traveling will be an issue at all, but if I were to go on a beach vacation I wouldn't want to be pregnant for it.
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  • Will you able to cancel just because.  I realize you bought travel insurance, but sometimes you need a really good reason to cancel, like a dr note saying you can't travel.  I say go and have as much fun as you can.  But I have been living in winter hell and would give anything to be somewhere warm right now.  I have windows open today and it is 40 out and it feels glorious.

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  • I would go if I were you, but I love to travel. I traveled while pregnant with DS, & I've traveled a lot since he's been born 3.5 years ago. DH and I love to travel and make it a priority in our family. We have been on several trips including three out of the country since DS was born. I don't see being pregnant as a reason to stay home and miss a vacation. But that's just me! Just because you can't drink doesn't mean you can't go and enjoy the time with friends and your DH. 
  • I would go. I traveled at 13 weeks and 24 weeks last time. I would love a baby moon with my husband but that won't happen.
  • @JenniferAnn1972 - I'm right there with you.  It's a lot of $ to put out for something you might not fully enjoy.  Save your $ for a spectacular baby moon.  Get as many zzzzz's as you can, and prepare yourself for being a new mom at 40!  H and I are both your age, and I love every minute of being a new mom later in life!
  • I would go to.  I regret not doing a "babymoon".  It's the last vacation you can go on that will just be you and DH and not have to worry about leaving the kid(s) behind.  If you decide you need to rest you'll be on a beach, I don't know a better place to ditch the group and get some rest.  I'm sure the resort makes an excellent virgin strawberry daquiri :) 
  • Thanks for all of the responses. I think we're going to wait until it gets closer & see how I feel. I'm still vomiting with medication, so how I'm feeling will most likely be the deciding factor. I have 4 weeks to kick this MS!!!
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  • I am in South America now on vacation. Outside of the 17 total hours of flying and a few bumps in my ms it's been fine. I've just listened to my doc and not carried a pack over 40 lbs and rest when I need to :)

    Buy sweatpants for the flight.. Seriously. For some reason the bloating got so out of control and was painful with even my yoga pants.

    And enjoy!!!

    FYI- I'm 12 weeks tomorrow
  • GO FOR IT. Really. You won't get the chance to get this kind of relaxing vacation for years after your LO arrives, and even then, it won't be the same. Most women do feel better in the second trimester - no more nausea, lots more energy, etc. I wish we'd gone on a babymoon before our first!

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  • I would absolutely handsdown go.
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  • If you're not feeling too sick to travel, I would go. Your friends should be understanding of your situation - I don't see how one person not drinking is going to put a damper on things. It's not like we're talking an adventure vacation with ziplining in Costa Rica or something. Also, a week at the beach sound pretty glorious right now!

    Also, I second the previous comment regarding cancelling with travel insurance. Many travel insurance plans do not cover cancellations due to pregnancy, unless there are complications that prohibit travel. I would recommend contacting your insurance company or the travel company with whom you booked for clarification on the policy. I work in the travel industry, and we see this come up a lot. An exception to this would be if you purchased a plan that allowed you to cancel for any reason and was unrelated to medical issues.

    Whatever you decide, good luck to you! If you do decide to go on the trip, I'm sure you will have a wonderful time.

  • Thanks @pearl1982, I'll check the policy.
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