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Advice...first trip away

My best friend is getting married in June. She was my maid of honor and I am her matron of honor. However her bachelorette party is in Nashville, 8 hrs away. It would be 3 nights. My son will be 8 months in June. However, I am torn because I am nursing and I just don't know if I can be away that long. But she did so much for me at my wedding and bachelorette party that I want to be there for her.

Do you think my son will be ok that long at that age just with his dad? Abd will it mess up my supply being gone that long just pumping? Any advice is appreciated so I can make my decision.
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Re: Advice...first trip away

  • Correction... 2 nights and 3 days
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  • mdlorenzmdlorenz member
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    Being away from baby can be really hard at any age.
    My experience (to reassure you) involves several 24-72 hour trips away from my little lady - she was between 3 and 5 months at the time - with her daddy taking care of her.
    We bed share, EBF (although bottles of BM at daycare), baby wear, etc etc because it feels right for us and LO started out life as a very high-needs baby.
    She did beautifully while I was away, I pumped every 3-4 hours around the clock, and brought all of that milk home in a thermal bag (that you can find near the ice at grocery stores - I needed something low-profile for air travel).
    Your LO and your supply should be just fine - do you have specific concerns about your partner doing more baby care? I'd start the conversation if it hasn't happened already. ;)

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  • I wasn't personally comfortable with being away over night while my kids were still nursing - but it can be done for sure!  You just have to decide what you are comfortable with :)

    Is there any option that baby could come along as well so you could at least nurse some?
  • It can certainly be done with a supportive partner and pumping. But, my style is more to bring dad and kid(s) along on the trip. While I'm off doing my thing, he can do kid things, but then I'm there for night co-sleeping and nursing. You'd have to have some really open lines of communication about expectations on all sides, though.

    We were able to do this model when I attended an out-of-state conference. We also considered it for a work trip I was asked to go on, but in the end I was able to turn the trip down.

  • Emerald27Emerald27 member
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    Is it possible to bring daddy (or a sitter) along to watch LO during the events that are bachelorettes only, so that you don't have to pump and worry about the long separation and your supply?
  • My DH can't get off work. I maybe could bring LO but I think my friends would be annoyed. I think my husband can do it but as of right now DS does not really let DH put him to sleep w/o crying for an hour. I think I may start leaving him for the day to see how he does.
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  • yeah.yeah. member
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    It's possible. It's a pain in the ass to pump every 3-4 hours, esp when you're at a bachelorette party, then store and transport the milk but it's doable. I did it with both kids without any issues to our nursing relationship or my supply.

    I would not bring my baby on this trip, esp if your husband can't go. It's a bachelorette's not appropriate and I would be annoyed with you if I were the bride orthe other guests.
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  • Yea I wouldn't want to do that to my friend. It's good to hear it won't mess up my supply. It sounds like I will just have to be diligent with pumping and getting DS to let daddy take care of him too
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  • I travel for work a lot and it hasn't been an issue for me with either of my kids. I've been away as long as 9 days and both baby and supply were fine. I also have an awesome husband who is great with the kids...

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