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  • Screw you dry heaves... if you're going to torment me - the least you can do is give me the satisfaction of a full blown hurl.....

    And to my 2 year old..... mommy does not like you today. Your high pitched shrieks in an attempt to bully me simply make me reach faster for my headphones... I'm too pregnant for this crap.
    PCOS , incompetent cervix, gestational diabetes, IVF graduate, with one ovary!
    1 angel baby due to a 20 week M/C thanks to IC
    1 ovary due to a benign tumor that crushed my ovary
    About 6 years of pointlessly POAS
    Proud mommy of a 2.5 year old  girl
    Currently pregnant with baby #2 surprise BFP -  Team Blue until proven otherwise

  • This morning, I farted under the covers. I got up an hour later and the room smelled so strongly of shit that I searched it up and down for dog poo. No, it was just my stank escaping.
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    S14 August Siggy Challenge.....ALL OF THE ALCOHOLS

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  • I had a dream last night that DH ate my leftover bratwurst, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, so I woke up fully prepared to be royally pissed off at him. Luckily he didn't actually eat it! I might be somewhat food!
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