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Ok guys it looks like i am going to need a coupon of some sort. I really want to get that bounce house. So does anyone know where i can get a coupon for either walmart, target, or little tikes? Also is there a couponing board? HELP ME!! 

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  • What happened to the ones on craigslist?
    I'd really recommend just keep looking off there & also FB garage/rummage sale sites. Still got time for nice weather... well, unless you're in California or Florida. Lol

    But to answer your question, there's never coupons for Walmart. Little Tikes usually has 5% off coupons but their prices are way inflated so doesn't make much sense. Walmart is probably just cheaper as is.
     I called about 2 of them (the only ones in my area) and they were both sold. Walmart was cheaper than little tikes i was just hopping to get it for under $200.00.
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  • So i just checked my email (i put a post on craigslist for one). A second hand store emailed me and said that they have like 3. So I know what i'm going to do this weekend!!! So check some stuff out :)
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