Happy valentines day to all you mommies and babies

Sending a virtual hugs and good vibes to everyone on here. Today is also my birthday, and 4days till my baby girl is one! So valentines day is kinda a big deal in this house! Anybody do or get anything special?

Re: Happy valentines day to all you mommies and babies

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    Happy birthday and Happy Valentine's Day!!! We're not doing anything special today, but I made cookies yesterday and DH has another snow day so we're spending the day together. Happy early bday to your LO!

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    LucyRicardo3LucyRicardo3 member
    edited February 2014
    I am waiting on my parents to arrive from out of state, so they can stay with my older kids and I can get over to the NICU.
     I've been away from little guy since Tuesday because of the Atlanta snow & ice, and the big kids have been out of school since then, too so I have serious cabin fever as it is..
    DH might be able to meet me there after he gets off of work and we can have a date in the Moe's next to the hospital LOL

    Edit to add:
    I'll admit, it's a little bittersweet Valentines for us. Tomorrow was supposed to be my due date and instead of having a healthy full-term pregnancy with a textbook delivery, we've spent the past 10 weeks in a worried blur, and only getting to spend 5 days a week at best, watching our little treasure fighting hard & feeling like we are neglecting our older kids who need us just as well. I don't know where I'm going with this, but it just seems awkward. Hopefully it's just a few more days before we are home under one roof.

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    I can't imagine being away from my baby that long! I am happy you stayed home and avoided the dangerous weather. Stay safe out there.
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    DH and I went to dinner last night. It had been a long time since we were away from Anna and it was amazing how much planning went into it and how many times we were foiled, lol! We left the house and 7:00 and pledged to talk about non-Anna topics during our date. We were proud of how well we did through dinner but then we checked our watches - 8:00. womp womp. At least we made it an hour! We thought about going somewhere else after dinner but preferred to go home for a cup of tea and bed!

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    Lucy- you're a great mommy doing what you can with what god thought u could handle. I feel ur pain. I felt so overly mommy guilty when my baby was in the hospital and my son was at home. Torn in both directions. Guilty at hospital for leaving my son, guilty at home for leaving my daughter's side. It will get better!
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    BLPL101BLPL101 member
    edited February 2014
    Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day. We don't have family near us and we don't have a babysitter so we just ordered take out and ate at home. DH bought me tulips (my favorite flower) and 2 books so I can't complain :)

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