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Advocare while nursing?

Has anyone taken advocare products while nursing? I'm considering the 24 day challenge to get another 2-4 lbs off. I've always loved supplements but I'm so hesitant to take things when nursing because I don't want to affect my milk supply or DS. I may contact doctor to check on ingredients but wanted to get an opinion from somebody thats actually done it! Thanks!

Re: Advocare while nursing?

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    There are several bloggers out there who have chronicled doing the 24 challenge while nursing. Just do a google search for it. Do you know an Advocare distributor? They may be able to provide you with more information too. I know the supplement stack is a little different than the regular 24 day challenge. Please discuss it with your medical professionals before stating though.
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    I am an Advocare distributor and you should not take the full 24 day challenge while breastfeeding. The MNS supplements are not recommended, and the cleanse pills either. As for the fiber drink, they suggest the peach flavor over the citrus. So, you would have to do a modified version of the 24 day challenge. Hope this helps!
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    I've had a few friends do the nursing challenge -- google it or ask your distributor. They've had great results!
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