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Excessive ear wax in 10 mth old

Have any of you ever experienced excessive war wax build up in any of your children? I have been able to pull whole pieces of it out of my DD ears.. Even with cleaning them every night! I don't understand it.

Re: Excessive ear wax in 10 mth old

  • Some kids just do.  As long as it's soft, it's no big deal.  It's when it gets impacted that it's an issue.
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  • DS did as a newborn
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  • My dd had the same thing.  My dr said that if it is by the opening of the ear canal that is normal and a good thing. It means her ears are cleaning themselves.

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  • OMG DH has excessive earwax (so gross) to the point that we're going to see a specialist on Monday because he thinks one ear might be impacted.  Thankfully DD hasn't had that issue.  Sometimes I'll see a little wax at the edge of her canal that I can wipe out with a tissue or my finger but that's about it.
  • Our ped said to take Debrox to soften it in DS.

  • Ive never heard of Debrox, is it a rinse? This is my first child so im new to everything. haha
  • When i cleaned her ears tonight there was nothing on the wash cloth but i could still see some build up in her ears. Im starting to get a little worried..maybe itd be best to call her pedi and see what he suggests
  • Our pedi cleaned her ears this week cause when he went to look in them one had a lot of wax.
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