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July 2013 Moms

How many kids should you have?

For fun.

I got one. Which is exactly how many I want.


Re: How many kids should you have?

  • Haha I got two. Which is what I want.
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  • I got four or more. Guess that's good since that's what we want lol
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  • Three, four if you count the drink I'll hSve in my hand.....we have 3, likely to go for 4.......

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  • Three, four if you count the drink I'll have in my hand.  We want at least 3...maybe 4 if it will happen and I am not too old yet. So pretty good for an online test.
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  • It hit me right on the nose with 3! I'm. DONE.

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  • I got 2...exactly what I want too!


  • I got that my kid needs a sibling and I could handle another...probably.

    That's pretty much exactly how I feel. Completely on the fence for another one. H wants 3. At least, he thinks he does. I think if we had two, he'd change his mind.

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  • Three. Which is what I would love to have if I had started younger. I'll be lucky if I can get to two.

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  • I got 3 and a drink in hand. DH always said 3. I always said 2. I feel I have my hands full with 2, but I guess we will see. I am hoping DS becomes a better listener when he turns 3!
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  • I got one, but definitely want more.  I was an only child and don't want that for P.
  • I got 2 which is how many I want and have :)
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  • I got 3. We have talked about 3-4 so hmm....
  • My quiz result was one! We have two lol!!!

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  • Three with a drink! I assume the drink is mh he feels like another child sometimes!
  • ok, mine said that I should not have any kids, it looks like I am the only one that got that?. :( I think it's because I am a clean freak. I let my kids make messes and have fun, I promise.

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  • I've tried taking this for day but after I answer all the questions it's blank..... so maybe 0? Lol I want 4 or 5....


  • Three is my magic number Four if you count the drink I'll have in my hand.

  • Two! What we have and what we want.

  • I got three.  I always waver between two and four so I guess it took the average.  Ha!

    Both of my parents came from families of three children, and they are pretty awesome.
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  • I got three, which is what we've always said!

  • I should have 1... apparently I'm "simply not cut out for more" hahahahahahahahahaha. 
    [Deleted User]valstulas
  • I got only one, but we want 2-3. It depends on if I carry full term next time without complications. Oh, and money.

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  • Whoops, mine said two.
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  • Mine said one, looks like I am fucked. LOL

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  • I got 2, which would be right on the money until labor with DS. I had a pretty rough csection that I'm still traumatized by. For awhile after I was very OAD. Now I'm somewhere between OAD and having one more.
  • Mine says 2 - yeah I don't think that's happening!
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