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Here comes the moronic, sheep-like A14 cult to tell us how they and their super speshul friends don't have to care about etiquette because they have bigger problems or whatever other excuse they have for being tacky.  

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    Um yeah. Sorry I brought them over here. I should have learned after reading what happened last time.

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  • This is how they  make me feel:

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  • @Bliss+Berry I said your attitude and stances were WASP-ey and ethnocentric. That's all I have to go on here: listening to your opinions. Regardless of how you grew up (YOU DON'T KNOW MY LYFFFE!) if you have opinions and stances that are ethnocentric that what I'm going to assume you are. Don't like the label? Don't wear so well.

    Also, I said that's the picture I get in my head (again, I'm quoting here, since reading comprehension doesn't seem to be your strong suit) anytime I see "some pearl-clutching, self-proclaimed etiquette queen cry "tacky!""  It just happens that you (and Steel Magnolias) fit the image in my head very, very well.

    And the mere fact that you and the people you surround yourself with would be "shocked" at gaffs in etiquette continues to reinforce the picture in my mind that you are a very sheltered individual sitting in a smug little bubble.

    And @MichelleN first of all, read please. I send thank you cards. And if you'd read the thread Berry is cursing about (again, Berry, always the classy one) you'd see that I have no problems either way about thank you notes. I hate them, but I send them. I'm so glad you know my friends better than I, though! How do I know if they think things are tacky? It's called a conversation. We have them all the time. I've asked them about etiquette issues - mostly in response to all the crazy ettiquette queens I ruin across on TB - well removed from any conversation about showers I may or may not have. I assume they're not lying to me then. Also, I've planned showers. Around here there's usually a group of us working on any shower, and no cares are given as to etiquette. It's not part of the planning because it's just not part of our regional culture. Maybe it would be if we had more free time to worry about such things, but life tends to move at a fast pace where I live, and if anyone takes the time to notice a thank you card isn't sent, no one really cares. I don't care if I don't get one, and I usually tell people not to send me one because I think they're annoying to write. And I've never, ever heard any of my friends, family, or acquaintances talking behind someone's back about their poor etiquette. And those are conversations I would be part of, if I wasn't the subject of the gossip. But do go on, tell me how deluded I am, and how all my friends are talking about my tacky self behind my back.
    Clearly not that fast, since you have so much time to go on these diatribes.  Let it be already... ever heard of "agree to disagree"? I'm not interested in having my notifications blow up every two seconds while you at @Bliss+Berry go nose to nose here.
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    @MamaLlama14 Fair enough. I'm happy to let it go. Have a nice evening.

    ETA: Wait. I'm confused. Why are your notifications blowing up when it was Bliss who started the thread, and the mess?
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  • Ah if only I could gif. *sigh*

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