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Sexy time fail: a story in gifs

Ladies, I have not had sex in over a year.  That's right, the night we conceived these two bundles of joy was the last time we had sex. 


 Nothing kills your sex drive like 2 1/2 years of infertility.  Also we are both old and tired - even before the babies.  Most of you know, but when we did conceive, we were in a 'resting' cycle between IVF treatments  We had already done 6 failed IUIs, and 3 failed IVFs.  We didn't really expect it to work, were both tired and really didn't want to do it but I knew I was ovulating so we figured we should.   At one point DH asked me if I was still awake. It was that good.



After I got pregnant, I was too sore, sick, or tired for it and since they've been born we've both been way too tired for anything like that. 

Until last night.  I couldn't sleep, and DH started putting on the moves. At first I was like:


And then when I realized what was happening, I was like 'bring it on!'


Alas, we are entering the 4 month sleep regression with the girls and before we got too far along they woke up and between the two of them, proceeded to wake up EVERY SINGLE HOUR from 10 pm until 4 AM, thus destroying any hope of finishing what we started.


This is me at work today thinking about how if these girls don't start sleeping better, I may never get to have sex ever again.








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Re: Sexy time fail: a story in gifs

  • Ug...that sucks. DH and I never have time or energy for it either. He is working nights with no off time right now and DS is in the 4mw as well. Honestly I am getting jealous that at least he gets to sleep during the day.

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  • I'm sorry.  :-S  

    I love your gif story though.
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  • Haha haha this was fantastic.
    I'm sorry though!
    I hope they both sleep for at least a solid 2 hours tonight!
    Get it on girl!
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    ballygirlEmJ&B[Deleted User]
  • I thought I was all alone in the 'haven't-had-sex-since-I-got-knocked-up' club :( feb 17th is the day we conceived Lila. I might break my streak on valentines day...seems like a good gift for both of us :) I'm sorry you got interrupted, but yay for waking up your sex drive!
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  • Hilarious gifs, terribly sad story :( but kudos to you guys for attempting! I vote you get family/friends to watch them one weekend day for a few hours, you guys get a hotel and DTD! Lol that's my solution. None of us want you crying under your desk like Robin Sherbotsky!

    ballygirlEmJ&B[Deleted User]
  • Oh goodness. I can't even imagine how exhausted you both are. I agree with the PP, get someone to watch them and go get a hotel! Although.. If it were me I would just be tempted to sleep for 12 hours. Maybe throw in a quicky before?

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  • I'm sorry :( The gifs were on point though! IF put a damper on our sex life too and I can't imagine how twins suck the life out of you too. 

    I second the quickie. We've become the master of the quickie since LO's arrival. Even in the shower - knock 2 birds out with one stone! 
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  • ugh so close! get yourself that donut , you deserve it.
  • I'm crying this is so funny... Not the no sex part, but gif hilarity. If we knew each other IRL, I would totally man your girls so you could get your freak on. That is all.
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  • I'm over here like, you guys need more than an hour? Ever since the baby came it takes me longer to make my toast in the morning than it does for us to DTD. Quickies until they're STTN! Get some!

    I was about to say, surely you can let them CIO for 2 minutes, because that's all it would take after a year of not DTD!
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  • Nooo! I'm so sorry for your failed sexy time. But I love your gif story!

  • To clarify, I liked your entertaining gifs not the fact that your sexy time was interrupted! 

    Maybe y'all need someone to watch the girls for a few hours!


  • Lmao. Not at your situation...
    And @NRyan55 you're hilarious.
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